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Real Stories From Dog Owners: Can Dogs Sense When People Need Them?

By: Petplace Staff

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Ducan Can Sense My Mom's Illness

I truly believe that dogs can sense when people need them. My mother is 72 years old, and she has Alzheimer's disease. My parents have a Scottish Terrier named Duncan who is four years old, and who has lived with them since the onset of my mother's illness. My mom absolutely dotes on this dog, and he clings to her like she is the only person on earth. When she is having an especially bad day, he seems to know, and he will not move from her side. I, along with other family members, have remarked on many occasions that Duncan has an uncanny ability to sense my mom's illness and takes care of her. He is truly an amazing dog! I have enclosed a picture of Duncan as a puppy. I
hope you enjoy it.

Sue Richards
Troy, MI

Taco Knows and Is By Our Sides

I would like to share a story about my dog Taco. Taco is a chihuahua/papillon mix that I rescued two years ago from our local shelter. He was just three months old and I couldn't resist him, after all he was terrified and wanted to be loved and I had just separated from my husband and wanted someone that would love me. We were a match made in heaven. I have since developed a progressive, terminal physical disability and am often left in terrible pain due to this illness. I also have a son that is physically disabled and he requires surgery on his back every six months. Taco is not only adorable, but very loving as well. When either myself of my son is hurting Taco is right there by our sides. If I cry from pain, he will lick my hand until I stop. If I can't get out of bed, he will lay there curled up next to me and wont move. He won't eat, drink or go potty; he'll just lay there. If my daughter picks him up and takes him outside, he will stand in one spot until he's brought back inside and then he runs right back to me. He does the same thing for my son. If we are both o.k. then Taco runs and plays with our kitties and other dogs. Many times I have just wanted comfort from the pain and he has always provided that comfort by just being next to me.

Angel Wells
Martinsburg WV

Thank You Sparky – for Your Love and Care

After suffering a serious personal loss, I went into very severe depression. It was so bad that I could hardly get out of bed. My Portuguese water dog sensed my pain. Even though she knew not to jump on the furniture, one day she decided to leap up into the bed and quietly lay down next to my head and stare into my eyes. I could see how affected she was. That day, I decided to seek professional help. Quite frankly, the dog's interference probably kept me from committing suicide. The dog has since passed on. However, our close bond is not broken. Thank you, Sparky, for your love and caring.

Diane in Auburn, CA

When I was 13...

I KNOW dogs particularly sense when there is need for them to show they care.

When I was 13 (I am near retirement age now) my Mother had to go into hospital for an operation. We had a small miniature poodle that was a little dynamo! Although she was my dog, she loved my Mother the most and pined while she was in hospital. When Mum came home, I had been instructed to take the dog out for a walk, so Mum could settle in with a cushion strategically placed, for the inevitable greeting. As soon as we rounded the corner, Candy 'knew' Mum was home. (Don't ask me how. We didn't have a car, nor was there any indication she was home.) She pulled on her lead and couldn't wait to be released. She then sped into the room, but on reaching Mum's feet, stopped dead and oh, so gently jumped onto Mum's lap where she lay quietly, just content to be with the one she loved most. She knew she mustn't fidget or fuss. It was remarkable!

Hope you enjoy my little story.

With regards,

Barbara Ridgley

Snicker Knew Where to Avoid

My fiancé and I own a Miniature Pinscher that is almost 9-months-old and whose name is Snicker. He usually is very active and likes to play around a lot. If he could do all this activities without sleeping, I am pretty sure he would do it. So, my fiancé went under surgery (minor surgery) a few days ago and the doctor recommended her to avoid the dog playing around her for a while. Although the surgery was something small, we have tried to keep Snicker as far as possible. At the beginning it was very hard for me, well for us, because we were able to see that Snicker was not happy at all. He couldn't play with his "mom" at all so we think that that was affecting him. Amazingly, the dog "learned" that there were some areas in mom's body that he couldn't touch so now, every now and then during the day he would jump over the bed and STAY at my fiancé's feet. He barely walks towards her head and cuddle a little bit and that's it. As soon as I go home after work, he would jump over me and starts playing with me, but when he is around my fiancé, he stays very steady and focused. Most of the time when my fiancé is suffering from some pain, Snicker would stay very close to her watching over her, I guess. Snicker has been a blessing to us. We treat him like a baby, and his "grandparents" are as happy as we are, especially my dad since he is a retired Vet. Hopefully you will get to read our story and share it.

Blessings from Panama City, Panama!

Cesar Gabriel Diaz

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Real Stories From Dog Owners: Can Dogs Sense When People Need Them?

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