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Real Stories From Dog Owners: Can Dogs Sense When People Need Them?

By: Petplace Staff

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They Know

I have no doubt whatsoever that dogs, who are generally smarter and more caring than humans to begin with, can sense when people need them, and I have seen this personally on several occasions.

First, when they were both still alive, our beloved German Shepherd, Kira (@RB), recognized that my elderly (mid-80's) mother-in-law required a gentler touch and always modified her usual rambunctious greeting to meet my MIL's physical limitations.

Second, our current Cairn Terrier, Frodo, aka CH. Caledonian JuniperBerry of Wolfpit, ALWAYS knows when my wife or I is not feeling well, and at these times he NEVER leaves the ill person's side.

Finally, Indiana, our always puppy-like Golden Retriever, realized early this summer that my wife needed an extra degree of protection while I was hospitalized with knee surgery and, very unlike her actual personality (she loves everyone and everything and could never harm a creature), Indy turned into a great watchdog while I was out of the house, barking to alert my wife of any and all visitors, whether a beloved playmate or simply the UPS guy/gal.

These are small incidences of the many ways in which dogs can sense that people need them and how they respond to these needs. No surprise, since, after all, God is Dog spelled backwards.

Ken De Koven + Frodo + Indiana + Arwen

I Believe

I completely believe dogs can sense when you are going through something in your life. I will never forget, it was the afternoon after my mother's funeral, I got home and it was the first time I really had a chance to cry, I laid on my bed and my beagle Bailey crawled up next to me and started licking my face as I cried and then just laid his head on my cheek. When my mom did pass away it was very unexpected and she happen to be watching Bailey for me, when the paramedics came in they had to pull Bailey away from my mom because he refused to leave her side, he just wanted to be there and watch over her. So yes, pets do sense when you need them.


Saving just one dog won't change the world, but surely the world will change for that one dog!

Maggie Could Tell I was in Distress

About 18 months ago I was in a severe health crisis and our white Lab Maggie would often sit up with me when I couldn't sleep. Some of the medicines I was taking at that time caused severe involuntary body motions or spasms, particularly when I was sleeping. In the early morning hours one night after I had dozed off to sleep in our loveseat, Maggie went to my wife Elaine, woke her and led her back to me. Maggie would stay a step or two in front of Elaine, looking back at her as if to make sure she was following her, until she got to me, where she sat down by me and whimpered. Elaine said that she could hardly tell that I was breathing, and every few seconds I would have a spasm. Obviously Maggie sensed that I was in distress and went to get Elaine for help. Similar events have happened more than this one time - Maggie has gone for help for me several times. We have no doubt that she can sense when I'm in trouble.


Byron and Elaine Merritt

Abby Puts A Blanket Over My Daughter When She is Sick

This is just a quick letter to tell you what my daughter experiences with her dog, abby, a pit bull/boxer. Abby is about 5 years old, a rescue dog as a pup. She was badly beaten up by a big lab when she was a baby. My daughter has had her since she was about 6 months old. They are very close and have a lot of special times together, but this incident really stretches my mind. My daughter was ill one day, laying on the couch. Abby went and got a blanket and laid it over my daughter, pulling it right up to her chin. I was amazed. This was not an accident, as Abby does this quite often now, whenever my daughter is ill. Surely this dog senses her master's need.

BJ Redmond

This Chained and Mean Dog Knew

A guy named Wayne and I were talking one day while we were out fishing about the keen senses of dogs. He said when he was a kid, one of his neighbors had a dog that was chained up. It made the typical path in a circle that dogs do when on chains. He said that all the kids in the neighborhood new not to get anywhere near that circle because the dog was just mean. One day a different neighbor kid that was disabled walked right through the middle of the circle. He said instead of the dog barking and growling, the dog continued to lay by his doghouse and casually watched the little boy walk through "his territory". Wayne said if any of the other neighbor kids had done that, the dog would have met them at the end of the chain. I personally use to take my dogs to a nursing home. My dogs were hunting breeds and tend to be a little more high strung and bouncy. But as soon I was walked through the doors the dogs were the most docile animals you ever saw. They would warm up to anyone there at the nursing home. The joy that the dogs and puppies I took brought to these peoples lives was priceless. Those dogs knew the moment required absolute gentleness. The joy brought into the nursing home on those days was some of the most fun times I experienced. The nursing home went form quiet to bubbly with the laughter and joy of those people.....priceless.

Jeremy Lies

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Real Stories From Dog Owners: Can Dogs Sense When People Need Them?

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