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Real Stories From Dog Owners: Can Dogs Sense When People Need Them?

By: Petplace Staff

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The Only Child My Dog Liked

My dog is currently 15-years-old, I adopted her when she was two. We were told that she did not get on with small children, my own children were teenagers so not a problem. Whenever a small child approached her she would growl and back away. However there used to be a downs syndrome boy that lived in the village and he could stroke my dog cuddle her or anything with her and she did not growl or complain in any way. This is the only child that she has ever allowed to approach her.

Betti Norkett

Dogs Show Compassion

My husband had pneumonia some years ago. At that time, we had an elderly yorkie, about 18, but still plenty feisty. She would lie next to my husband for the few days that he was bed bound, virtually for the entire time. I have experienced compassion from all the dogs that have been in my life...

When I was Hurting...They were There

About 8 years ago, I was hit by a Drunken Driver. My car was totaled but I came away with minor injuries. When I got home from the Emergency Room, I was in quite a bit a pain, so I took some pain medication and laid down on the bed. When I awoke I had all 4 dogs surrounding me on the bed. One was at my head, one was at my feet, and the other two were on each side of me. They knew I was hurting and they were protecting me. Unfortunately all of them are gone now, but the 5 I have now are just as great.


My Dad and Bubba

I would like to to share a story about my dad and his German Short Hair named Bubba.

A few years back my dad was doing some work in the garage using a table saw. As he was cutting a piece of wood, he hit a knot in the wood and the piece kicked back. Before he could stop it, his hand went right into the blades severing his pinky and severely cutting two other fingers. His wife was at jury duty and none of the neighbor's were around. He was bleeding very badly and started to feel faint, I guess Bubba knew something was seriously wrong because my dad said he came running from playing in the yard and started barking non-stop at my dad. My dad said he was getting dizzy but Bubba wouldn't stop barking at him, then Bubba grabbed the bottom of his shirt and started puling him to the porch. My dad sat on the steps and tried to see how badly he was cut but Bubba wouldn't stop barking at him and nudging him towards the house. Once inside my dad removed his glasses because they were covered in blood and then couldn't find them to be able to see the phone. Somehow Bubba knew enough to bring to cordless phone to him and my dad called 911. My dad swears to this day that Bubba told him to call 911. The paramedics said if he waited any longer to call he would have passed out from the blood loss. Bubba is not a therapy dog nor has he had ANY training what so ever but somehow he knew that my dad needed help and Bubba came to his rescue.

Amber Siley
Kingston, PA

My Dog was Calm Around My Sick Father

My father developed Parkinson's disease, which eventually he passed away from. My dog Harley is a real live wire and jumps around and on people whenever they visited. However for some reason he was really calm around my father and when my father was put into our lounge chairs Harley would just stand at the side of him and rest his head on his knee for petting and never jumped at him.

Penny Kudelnitzky 

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Real Stories From Dog Owners: Can Dogs Sense When People Need Them?

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