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Cat Gifts for Giving – Holiday 2011

By: PetPlace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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The holidays are a time for giving. With all the pets in need this holiday season, Petplace has come up with some unique ways of supporting the less fortunate.

1) Give the Gift of Warmth. One of the greatest risks to feral cats is the bitter cold of winter weather. Help them make it through the long nights with a heated place to hide. K&H makes Outdoor Heated Kitty House and the Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper homes which are insulated against the elements. These heated, safe enclosures are ideal for keeping feral cats in your neighborhood dry during the nasty cold winter months. If you prefer to do without heating elements, you can assemble your own outdoor kitty condo for under $30. For more information – go to:

2) Feed a Feral Cat. When feral cats rely on wildlife for food, they not only disrupt local ecosystems but expose themselves to dangerous situations due to cars and disease. That's where the the Outdoor Cat Feeder helps. It's a specially designed covered outdoor feeder which ensures feral cats get a safe, clean source of food. The Outdoor Cat Feeder is specially designed to prevents birds, ants and rain from coming into contact with kibble. For more information – go to:

3) Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth for Rescue Rescue Chocolate founder Sarah Gross takes two things seriously: her love for chocolate and pet rescue. She combined the two with a delicious gourmet chocolate bar that benefits animal rescue efforts. All Rescue Chocolate bars are made in the for humans and 100% of the net proceeds go to various animal rescues and shelters. For more information – go to:

4) Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs by Playing a Trivia Game. Mimi Ausland was not your typical 11 year old in 2008 when she founded, Mimi's goal was to provide healthy, nutritious food to the dogs and cats at shelters so they did not go hungry. Armed with a simple website and some pet trivia games, Mimi convinced pet food sponsors to donate pieces of kibble when games were played on The results: 653,422,230 pieces and counting of kibble have been donated since 2008! When you're done there, hop over to and donate even more food with a single click. For more information – go to:

5) Donate to a Shelter or Rescue. It goes without saying that shelters and rescues need monetary donations this holiday season, but there is so much more that you can contribute. How about your time? Volunteer to walk dogs or spend some time with some attention seeking kitties. It's also a perfect time to look around the house for items on your local shelter's list of needed supplies, including towels, blankets, crates, treats, toys, housetraining pads, scratching posts, trash bags, and paper towels. (Adopting around the holidays might seem like a great idea, but pets are best brought into the family when there is little extra excitement and change.)

6) Sponsor a Shelter Pet. Many shelters allow visitors to sponsor a particular animal in exchange for a small donation. This way, you get to see the cute little face that you're helping to save. Sponsoring involves no commitment to adopt the animal and some shelters even allow sponsoring through their websites.

7) Spread the word. Education is a huge part of preventing pets from going homeless. Ensure your loved ones understand the importance of providing their pets with adequate identification, and encourage responsible pet stewardship by avoiding "Christmas puppies" and other impulse additions to the family.
We here at wish you and your loved ones a joyous and beautiful holiday season.

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Cat Gifts for Giving – Holiday 2011

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