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Cutest Stories on How Dogs got Unusual Names

By: Petplace Staff

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Does your dog have a cute name? We have several "how to name your dog" articles and in response our wonderful community has mailed us with comments on how they named their own pets.

Here are our favorite stories.

Do you have a wonderful name for your pet?
Share your story with us.

1. Maybe

Cristina wrote to us.... My female rat terriers name is "Maybe". It started out as May and I would sometimes call her baby so you can see how i made that mistake one day, and I loved it, and it stuck. so now when people ask why we named her maybe we tell them that at the time we were thinking "maybe we'll keepher, maybe we wont...." it makes for a good conversation starter.

2. "Ghounenghett".

We got another really cute story from a vet tech at a clinic about a dog she met. Read more about the story behind "Ghounenghett". As an RVT at a vet clinic, I have seen lots of unusual names and come up with a few of my own. The most unique however belongs to a massive 120 lb black stray male dog and older couple had been feeding for a few weeks. Well, apparently the wife had been feeding him and the husband had been trying to run the dog off every day. When I looked at the chart, and the older couple, I had no clue how to pronounce "Ghounenghett". While taking the dog's history, the wife excused herself to use the restroom so her husband could explain how he came up with the name. Every morning his wife would put food out for the stray, then leave for work. When the husband would go to check on the cows, feed the chickens, etc. he kept telling the dog, "Go on and get out of here". about 3 weeks into feeding the dog, the husband got trampled out in the field by a bull. The dog sat by his side until the wife got home, and then howled on the porch, refused to eat and eventually led her to her husband. He decided then and there the dog could stay, and that since he always followed him when he told him to "go on and get", he may as well name him that!

3. Alma Sonriente

Sandra L. Wrote, "When I was looking for a dog to adopt online, I came across the picture of an adorable 5-month-old Chihuahua that I immediately fell in love with. Lucky for me, she just happened to be at my local Humane Society shelter. I was the only one who put in an application to adopt her, so I knew she was meant to be mine. In her picture, she looked as if she was looking right at me and smiling from inside her soul. I knew a lot of people named their Chihuahuas with Spanish names, because of the origins of the breed from Mexico. So, I went to a Spanish translation website, and found the Spanish words for "smiling soul". The translation is "alma (soul) sonriente (smiling)" So that's what I named her: "Alma Sonriente" and call her Alma. She looks as if she is smiling all the time and when she's misbehaving, has what looks like a little wicked twinkle in her eyes. She's the joy of my life and makes me laugh and smile right back at her.


Here is a cute story about how one little cat got his name "Emergency". Michelle Oliver form Hermosa Beach, California sent me this story. I think my cat has such an interesting name that you know there just has to be a story that goes with it! Well, you're right! I named my cat "Emergency" & "Merge" for short. He was so tiny when we brought him and his brother home 16 years ago that he easily fit in a small hole under a cabinet in the kitchen & ended up in the apartment floorboard, walls or some mysterious unknown place like a black hole!

All I saw was a curious kitten exploring every inch of his new home and then POOF! In the hole he went! I went into panic mode, of course, and opened up the cupboard expecting him to be in the bottom of it but then realized he must be UNDER the floorboard or in the wall of this
apartment! I did not have a name for him yet so I called here kitty kitty! What could be happening to him? Why is he not coming back out of the hole? What do I do? KITTY KITTY KITTY!!!

I was so scared & as the minutes went on, I became frantic! Someome...please help my cat!! I needed immediate help, experienced people that knew what to do as I was quickly falling apart.....Then I got an idea! I've seen fireman go up trees to save kitties so why not get a cat out of a floorboard in a kitchen? I grabbed the phone & dialed 9-1-1 so quick I was talking to the operator screaming that my kitten was in the apartment wall under a cabinet and I need

The operator must of thought I was a crazy! Within minutes I had about 5 of the cutest fireman standing at my front door & when I opened it all of them went into Emergency Mode & all I could say was my kitten is up and under this cabinet....HELP him, he has no name, he's just a
baby.... I don't know how to get him out of the apartment floorboard.... he could be hurt.... HELP!

Every one of those firemen stopped, looked at me and said, What? Where? How? After a few minutes of deep thought by these 5 firemen on what their strategy was going to be I just knew these were the men that were going to save my kitty!! Smart, trained and if anybody can
help my kitty it was going to be this cute fireman! 1 of them asked me does he have a plate that you feed him on? I gave him a small plate. Then he said, "I'll also need a can of cat food please." I got one can
of small kitten food.

I thought what are you doing? We have to FIND the kitten first before feeding it!! I could not believe my eyes when all it took was a few taps on the cat dish with a spoon & the smell of ocean fish feast and within seconds out came a ball of fur just as quickly as he went in!
Instantly he was out & eating off that plate of food that the fireman had used to coax him out of the "black hole" !!! How brilliant was he?!!!!

I could not stop hugging my kitten and thinking the fireman! They told me that I should not of called 911 as I could of taken time away from a REAL fire or emergency...they were so glad everything worked out but told me ...."Don't Ever Do That Again!!" I said okay knowing that I
would do the EXACT same thing if it happened again! My cats are my world & I would do anything for them! So, now you know why my cat is named Emergency!

Did not take me long to come up with a name after that incident! Over the years, Emergency has lived up to his name and got in many "situations" that if I had not of been there to save him in one way or another.....well, I just don't want to think what might of happened! I know one thing is for sure that whenever I call out his name. Emergency!! Emergency!! My neighbors ask, "Are you okay? Do you need an ambulance?!!" I laugh and say no emergency just was calling my cat! I love Merge so much and enjoyed his one of a kind name over the years!


My cat was named M.Y.O. because she was a therapy cat that worked at local nursing homes.
M for mine
Y for yours as I shared her with others
O for ours as she was loved by all.
Some of the residents couldn't remember my name just her name so I was always "MYOS MOM"

Lori Zaremski

6. Winglette

I Just named my pup "Winglette" after my late GSD passed, she was "Wing" after a ballad Jimi Hendrix wrote "When I'm sad, she comes to me, with a thousand smiles she gives to me free" etc. I met Jimi in NY years ago, just a sweet song about a native Indian girl...nuf said!!!

David Falkner**

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Cutest Stories on How Dogs got Unusual Names

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