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Designer Dogs - Your Guide to Hybrid Dog Breeds

By: PetPlace Veterinarians

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Breed MixesDesigner Name
Papillon-Pekingese Peke-A-Pap
Papillon-Pomeranian Paperanian
Papillon-Poodle Papi-Poo
Papillon-Russian Toy Terrier Cherokee Monarch
Papillon-Shetland Sheepdog Shelillon
Papillon-Shiba Inu Shi-Pom
Papillon-Shih Tzu Papastzu
Papillon-Yorkshire Terrier Yorkillon
Pekingese-Pomeranian Pominese
Pekingese-Poodle Peke-A-Poo
Pekingese-Pug Puginese
Pekingese-Shih Tzu Shinese
Pekingese-Silky Terrier Silkinese
Pekingese-Toy Fox Terrier Foxingese
Pekingese-Yorkie Yorkinese
Pomeranian-Poodle (Pooranian) Pom-A-Poo
Pomeranian-Shetland Sheepdog Poshies
Pomeranian-Shiba Inu Pom-Shi
Pomeranian-Shih Tzu Shiranian
Pomeranian-Silky Terrier Pom-Silk
Pomeranian-Toy Fox Terrier Pom Terrier
Pomeranian-West Highland White Terrier Weeranian
Pomeranian-Yorkshire Terrier Yoranian
Poodle-Pug Pug-A-Poo
Poodle-Saint Bernard Saint Berdoodle
Poodle-Schipperke Schipper-Poo
Poodle-Scottish Terrier Scoodle
Poodle-Shiba Inu Poo-Shi
Poodle-Shih Tzu Shih-Poo
Poodle-Silky Terrier Poolky
Poodle-Skye Terrier Skypoo
Poodle-Soft Coated Wheaton Swheat-N-Poo
Poodle-Toy Fox Terrier Foodle
Poodle-Weimaraner Weimardoodle
Poodle-Welsh Terrier Woodle
Poodle-Westie Wee-Poo
Poodle-Yorkie Yorkie-Poo
Pug-Shih Tzu Pug-Zu
Pug-Toy Fox Terrier Toy Poxer
Pug-Westie Pugland
Pug-Yorkie Pugshire
Rottweiler-St. Bernard St. Weiler
Schipperkee-Shih Tzu Skip-Shzu
Scottish Terrier-Silky Terrier Skilky Terrier
Scottish Terrier-Westie Scoland Terrier
Shih Tzu-Toy Fox Terrier Fo-Tzu
Shih Tzu-Westie Weshi
Shih Tzu-Silky Terrier Silky Tzu
Siberian Husky-Timber Wolf Siber Wolf
Silky Terrier-Westie Silkland Terrier
Toy Fox Terrier-Yorkshire Terrier Torkie
Welsh Terrier-Wire Fox Terrier Wirelsh Terrier
Westie-Shih Tzu Weshi
Westie-Yorkshire Terrier Fourche Terrier*
Yorkshire Terrier-Shih Tzu Shorkie Tzu


The Pomeranian x Poodle hybrid has been renamed "Pom-A-Poo" due to popular demand. Papers with "Pooranian" will be reprinted as "Pom-A-Poo" as they are registered. Pooranian had been chosen in the beginning by an office staff member andnot by a breeder, but most breeders use the current name.

*The West Highland White Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier cross was erroneously renamed "Westshire Terrier" in 2003. The original name of Fourche Terrier was first used in 1978, and we have reverted to it for historical accuracy. All future litters will be named "Fourche Terrier." Fourche is pronounced Fush and rhymes with push.

+ Name changed due to conflict to another breed club name
++ Same hybrid name used for both Bulldog x Pug and Olde Bulldog x Pug

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Designer Dogs - Your Guide to Hybrid Dog Breeds

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