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Do Our Dogs Get Enough Quality Time With Us?

By: Dr. Jon

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Do you ever wonder if your pets get enough of your attention? It's too bad that we have to work to put kibble in the bowl and toys in the yard. Surely, if we didn't have to work or take care of day-to-day errands, our pets would have our undivided attention, right?

If you worry about whether or not your dog gets quality time with you each day, you're not alone. Our recent survey demonstrated just how much our dogs are on our minds.

Hopefully our dogs get all the quality time that they need, because of 8,000 respondents, 98.7% say they try to spend quality time with their pets every day. So if a kiss, a cuddle or a game of fetch is on your daily "to-do" list, you're not alone.

Want to spend more time with your dog? We have some great tips. Read about 3 ways to help you get more time to spend with your dog.

Good play seems to be the one thing that really makes dogs truly happy. Dogs need plenty of good toys to keep them entertained – toys that are safe AND fun. I think the Bottle Crunchers is one of the coolest toys to come along in quite a while. It's such an innovative new idea ... and a very smart way for your dog to safely enjoy something that he really likes to do (chew on empty water bottles). Dr. Karin Szust tested the Bottle Cruncher on her 5 Boxers and they just loved it. Dr. Debra Primovic's family dog, Sweet Lips, also loved it! Would you like to see how much fun Sweet Lips had with this toy? Check out the video. Go to: or click on the video below.

Bottle Crunchers


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Do Our Dogs Get Enough Quality Time With Us?

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