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Dog Camps: Is Dog Camp for YOUR Dog?

By: Rebecca K. O'Connor

Read By: Pet Lovers
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If your idea of the perfect vacation is spending time with your dog then you should take a look at one of the newest ways to vacation: dog camps. Dog camps give you the opportunity to spend time not only with your pooch, but with folks who think that being dog crazy is the only way to be. You and your favorite canine are likely to make some new friends as well as have the time of your life.

Camp Gone to the Dogs

In Vermont, Camp Gone to the Dogs offers the opportunity to spend a week in the summer or in the fall with your favorite canine. You can spend a part of your summer in Marlboro Vermont where there's an on-site pond for canine swimming pleasure. There is a tremendous variety of activities to try out with your pooch. Consider herding, hunting, and breed handling as well as teaching obedience classes positively. You can choose to shack up on-site at a cabin or for more comfort and privacy check-in to one of the local dog-friendly hotels. If you are interest in competition or obedience training with your dog, their summer session may be perfect for you. The camp is limited to 200 participants.

Camp Gone to the Dogs also offers two fall sessions in Stowe, Vermont. These happen at the Moutaineer Inn, an upscale facility on 8 acres. It's a smaller group and slightly more relaxed with less daily activities, but many local attractions. If you're more interested in spending some down time with your dog, you may want to check it out.

The Dog's Camp

If you're serious about positive motivational training, The Dog's Camp might be a fun place to spend some quality training time with your best friend. The week long camp in September takes place in North Carolina. Activities include agility, conformation, flyball, herding, search and rescue, tracking and more. There are eight hours of classes and discussions available every day. The goal is to not only have fun, but to have plenty of great information and experiences to take home for continued training. Think of all that great bonding time!

Camp Winnaribbun

Camp Winnaribnun takes place in Lake Tahoe, located at Stateline in Nevada. There are tons of activities available here as well including agility, obedience, herding, tracking, and massage therapy. There's lost of fun and frivolous activities as well such as costume contests, campfires and craft projects. You can make dog collars, tie-dyed t-shirts and all kind of creative accessories for you and your dog. Consider going hiking as well. Dogs that are well-socialized are allowed to take off-leash nature walks. All 33 acres of the camp area goes to the dogs in a peaceful setting that may be your perfect getaway.

These are just a short list of the possibilities for dog camps. New camps are popping up all over the country and why not! Isn't a week alone with your dog, playing, relaxing and putting life's stresses aside the best sort of vacation?

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Dog Camps: Is Dog Camp for YOUR Dog?

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