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Dog Heroes of September 11th - Patriots Come in All Species

By: Utopia Communications

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Making their way through massive piles of rubble, glass and metal, a quiet group of volunteers worked tirelessly and without any regard for their personal safety, searching for people who were trapped during the September 11 attacks...they were the rescue dogs. Now, 77 of these heroic canines and their handlers are profiled in Dog Heroes of September 11th: A Tribute to America's Search and Rescue Dogs by Nona Kilgore Bauer (Kennel Club Books, $29.95).

Proceeds from the book sales will benefit The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (, with the goal of training America's next generation of canine heroes.

Searching areas that no one else could, these highly trained dogs are able to focus on their critical task in the most chaotic and dangerous environments. By using their training and their natural instincts, these dogs were recently called into action after Hurricane Katrina.

"A disaster site is a treacherous environment; noisy, chaotic, dust-filled and dark," says Wilma Melville, founder and executive director of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, in her foreword to the book. "But that is what disaster search means – having the skills and ability to perform at a high level in the worst settings imaginable."

The book conveys the courage and stamina of these dogs and is packed with more than 250 photos, featuring 77 interviews with handlers, rescuers, veterinarians and others who were
comforted by these animals in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. The book was published by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press, in time for the fifth anniversary of the attacks.

About Dog Heroes of September 11th:

Pub Date: August 2006; Hardcover with jacket; $29.95; 224 pages; full-color photographs; ISBN 1-59378-999-8.

About the Author:

The author of Dog Heroes of September 11th, Nona Kilgore Bauer has written nearly two- dozen books on canine subjects. A frequent nominee and multiple award winner from the Dog Writers Association of America, she has also been a breeder and trainer of golden retrievers for the past 30 years. Nona has excelled with her dogs in fieldwork, including hunt tests and field trials, as well as obedience trials. She completed her first Field Champion/Amateur Field Champion with her Labrador retriever, Schatzie, in 2003. She lives with her husband, Phillip, and her golden and Labrador retrievers in La Belle, Missouri. In 2001, she was the recipient of the Vern Bower Humanitarian Award from the Golden Retriever Club of America. She is currently writing a book on training retrievers for sport, as well as a book for parents raising dogs with children.

About Kennel Club Books:

About Kennel Club Books: Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press, specializes in breed books, covering more than 200 dog breeds. From the well known (Labrador Retrievers) to the rare (Caucasian Mountain Dog), each breed is thoroughly researched and explained, covering health, training, behavior and much more.

About BowTie Press: The publisher of the national pet best seller, The Original Dog Bible, BowTie Press® has a unique tradition of collaboration with its sister division, Fancy Publications-the world's largest publisher of pet and lifestyle magazines. Leveraging the expertise that has been assembled by them, this channel to superior content affords BowTie Press® access to the most current and provocative topics in each given field, which in turn allows us to deliver the most up-to-date books possible to our readers. From humor and transportation to equine and reference, every niche and interest is covered under BowTie Press and its imprints.

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Dog Heroes of September 11th - Patriots Come in All Species

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