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Dog Owners Comments About How to Know if it is the Right Time to Euthanize

By: Petplace Staff

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9. We are Putting My Childhood Pet Down Today

I am just writing to let you know this article came at the perfect time. I opened this email at noon. And today at 3:30 we are going to be putting my childhood pet down. We have all struggled with what to do. She will be 15 in November. She is def, she doesn't eat anymore, she sleeps 22 hours out of the day, she can't control her bowel movements anymore and we think this is the best option for her. She has pretty much given up. She has chronic ear infections so she is always in pain and the vets said the only way to help them is with a very expensive and painful surgery.

We don't want to put her through anymore pain than she already is going through. She has lived a wonderful life and has given us more than anyone could know. I am crying as I am writing this because I still am not ready to say goodbye even though we all know it is the best thing for her. I was so worried that putting her down would cause her pain but after reading this article I know what to expect and know she will not be caused anymore pain. I am so thankful I got this when I did. I now feel it is the right thing to do and hope I can cope a little better knowing she is in a better place and no longer suffering. Thank you so much for the article. it really did come at the perfect time.

10. I Lost Both My Pets within 9 Months

Hello. I lost both of my kids within nine months of each other. Sadie Alexanda Midnight Shadow got sick suddenly. I rushed her to the vet only to find out she had fast going liver cancer. There were know outward signs until that fateful day. The shock set me into a tailspin which I still feel the grief to this day. She was my little girl. She was Samoyed, chow and german shepherd mix. She was solid black. She was with me every minute and was the first thing I saw in the morning and the last thing I saw at night. It was and still is very hard to wake up and not see her there.

Sabrina's Ruby was a staffordshire boxer mix. one week after Sadie died I found out Sabrina was suffering from cushings. I went into a lot of debt to keep her quality of life up until 9 months later she couldnt eat anymore wlithout throwing up. She was on that expeslive chemo drug but, you know I would do it all over again to have her back. On the day I had her put to sleep, my beagle had a eplectic seizure. Sabrina played with him gently htat moriing. I took them both to the vet and found out that Sabrina was in liver failure and IL had her put to sleep. I didnt want to see her go through all the biopsy and treatment that could follow.

My vet from 25 lyears ago put it this way. " They give lot of good years and we have to be wise enough to know it is their quality of life at ese times and not ours to think about. I will not let them suffer. I love them too much. Ora-belle was the only dog I question to this day, but they assured me it was time. She had congestive heart failure and was falling alot. I put her and Sidney to sleep together in 1991. They said it was time and I couldnt hug her anymore. Her chest was to sore. She was eatting and drinking. It was a hard one to call but, I couldnt let her suffer anymore.

Thank you for your newsletter and time to let me tell you how much I loved my dogs.

Melody Mossbarger

11. We Miss Her

Our 9 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, Sugar Baby, was diagnosed on November 5, 2007, with lymphosarcoma, when we found what we thought were swollen glands in her neck. It was actually her lymph nodes.

We opted against chemo, because Sugar sometimes had very bad reactions to different medications, but we decided to try K-9 Immunity. For a little while we thought this was helping, but in the middle of January, Sugar began not eating her dog food. So we started making her food - chicken & rice. That worked for almost a week - then she quit eating. We brought her BEST FRIEND, Shadow (a black lab mix) to visit on the Thursday before, and they had a great time. They played almost like puppies again, and Sugar ate Shadow's dog food (like a piggy). But on Sunday, Shadow had to go home.

Monday morning Sugar would only eat the chicken & rice (8:30 a.m.) By 9:30 a.m. she began vomiting that up, and continued to vomit all morning. That afternoon we went to the vet. He gave her a shot to stop the vomiting. It didn't. We were up all night. The next day, Sugar spent the day with her vet. We thought it was under control. But that night we were up all night again. She was still not eating anything, and taking very little water, but she continued to vomit just about every hour on the hour. She got very weak, and when she needed to go outside to potty, she would have to rest before coming back into the house. (It was raining, and Sugar didn't like wet grass - but she laid down to rest until I could coax her back inside.) The next morning we went for another shot. It didn't do any good.

She was laying on the floor, looking at me with SUCH sad, tired, and pain filled eyes. At 2:30 p.m. I got my husband & he carried Sugar to the truck. We drove to the vet's and waited for him to finish a surgury. We waited in an exam room, on the floor with Sugar between us, hugging on her and kissing her, and talking to her. Believe it, or not, the whole time we waited for Dr. Tom, there was no further vomiting.

I couldn't have made the decision any sooner - I had trouble with it anyway. But I believe we waited a little too long. Sugar's circulation was already getting bad, and Dr. Tom had a little getting a working vein for the shots. The whole time we talked to Sugar, and petted and kissed her face. Then it was over, and she suddenly looked so small. But the sad, tired, hurting look was gone. She finally looked relaxed.

So, I know we did the right thing. The right thing for Sugar. We miss her terribly, though.

Wendy Youngblood
League City, Texas

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Dog Owners Comments About How to Know if it is the Right Time to Euthanize

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