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Dogs Are Family Too!

By: Petplace Staff

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Many dog lovers enjoy their dogs so much that they call them their children. Even those with human children often consider their dogs the second set of kids. We get to care for our furry children for a limited time and loving them like family just seems right. They are as individual as our children and bring so much joy to our home.

I just read a wonderful story about Nancy G. Downer's second set of kids in Grove, Illinois. You can read the whole story here

Nancy notes that her dogs remind her of her human children who are now adults. The dogs play and fight just like children. They tease one another with toys that they refuse to share and have little disputes that cause them to ignore another, only to be best buddies again later. Her pack consists of a larger mixed breed dog, Sam and two Yorkies, Molly and Max.

Despite the differences in size and personality, Nancy's dogs are definitely a family unit. Sam lets the little dogs push him around, tug his tail and generally harass him without ever getting angry. The Yorkies have their own unique personalities. Molly is such a lady and Sam a prankster. Nancy adores them and sometimes catches herself calling them by her human children's names, a true sign of them being part of the family.

For many of us dogs are a critical component of our family. Don't forget to watch out for your canine kids like you would for the human ones. Dogs should get regular check-ups, vaccinations, plenty of exercise and healthy food. After all, they're part of the family!

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Dogs Are Family Too!

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