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Ear Mites in Dogs

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Ear mites should only be treated after a veterinarian has made an expert diagnosis. If there are no mites, using anti-mite preparations may aggravate an infection in the ear. Full treatment consists of the following:

  • Cleaning the ear. Cleaning is the mandatory first step in treatment. If the exudate is not removed it will keep the drops from affecting the mites directly. Moderate to severe infections may require sedation and in-hospital flushing. Do not use cotton swabs in your dog's ear; these may push infection and discharge deeper into the ear canal.

  • Applying medication to infected ears. Topical therapy usually consists of medication that you place in your pet's ear once or twice daily to weekly in the form of drops. The specific medicine and directions will depend on the product used. Tresaderm® brand of thiabendazole and Acarexx® brand of ivermectin are the most commonly used products. Be sure to have your veterinarian show you how to place medication into your dog's ears.

  • Applying medication to infected areas of skin. If the mites are causing skin problems, the skin is often treated with a flea product topically as the product directs for fleas.

  • Return to your veterinarian for follow-up examinations. All other pets that have come in contact with the infected pet should also be treated.

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    Ear Mites in Dogs

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