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Economic Euthanasia and How A Veterinarian Wants to Help

By: Courtesy of Embrace Pet Insurance

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Economic euthanasia is a term veterinarians use to describe the circumstance involving a pet getting put to sleep because the owner can't afford the care and treatment for the pet's medical condition. Dr. Debra Primovic, editor in chief of, says "Economic euthanasia is very common and a frustrating part of being a veterinarian. As a vet, you want to help every pet and fix their problems but some pet parents just can't afford the care their pet needs causing thousands of pets to be euthanized every month."

That is why many veterinarians, including Dr. Marty Becker, (who many refer to as "America's Veterinarian"), are on a mission to help protect pets and raise awareness of pet health insurance. Becker, who has over 20 years of experience as a veterinarian, has appeared on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Becker has seen it all when it comes to veterinary medicine. And, unfortunately, he's seen his fair share of owners putting their pets down when faced with unexpected vet bills. That's why Dr. Becker has decided to partner with Embrace Pet Insurance and help spread the word that affordable pet insurance can eliminate the need for that terrible choice.

Dr. Becker says, "I don't want this to happen to any pet, which is why I'm a firm advocate for pet health insurance. Embrace Pet Insurance makes it so that you never have to say, 'I can't afford that, Doc, you'll have to put him down.'"

Dr. Becker selected Ohio-based Embrace Pet Insurance to partner with after giving much thought to pet insurance options available today. With Embrace's personalized accident and illness coverage, easy-to-use routine wellness care and compassionate customer service, it's easy to see why Embrace is rated as one of the top pet insurers in the United States.

What you would do if you were faced with an unexpected $3,000, or even $5,000, medical bill for your pet? Could you afford it? If you would want the best for your pet but would have a difficult time affording the cost of the medical care he needs, please consider pet insurance. It can help you do what's best for your pet without having to consider the cost of treatment.

About Embrace

Embrace Pet Insurance provides flexible cat and dog health insurance, removing the need to choose between costly medical care versus the life of a much-loved pet. Embrace is a privately owned, Ohio-based company and is one of the most highly rated pet insurance companies in the industry. Embrace Pet Insurance offers nose-to-tail accident and illness coverage and features unbeatable Wellness Rewards for routine expenses. Embrace is a proud member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association and is backed by caring individuals who understand that pets are family. Embrace encourages all pet parents to get a quote online at

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Economic Euthanasia and How A Veterinarian Wants to Help

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