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Favorite Dog Pet Names - Pet names or Nick Names for Dogs

By: Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We recently asked our dog lovers if they have "pet names" for their dog. In our survey of 8,000 people, 92.1% had pet names for their dogs!

Several dog lovers email us their stories. These were some of our favorite stories!

Stinky Peterson

A skunk had sprayed my German Shepherd/Collie, Callie. After treatments and baths, she still had a "skunky" odor, so I began calling her "Stinky." My friend's three-year old daughter, Danielle, wanted to walk Callie one day. We were taking a walk around the beach ... this little three-year old walking a dog bigger than her, when she started to sing "Stinky Peterson, Stinky Peterson." Callie is now 9-1/2 and Danielle is 11 (I think), but "Stinky Peterson" remains a nickname for Callie.

Linda Evans - Old Saybrook, CT

My Pet's Pet Names

I always call my pit bulls, Lola and Roxy, Noodle and Stinky. Lola wags so hard with happiness that she looks like a noodle. When I rescued Roxy, she was so smelly, so I still call her stinky, even though she has had many baths!


Giant Leap for a Little Dog

Our little Molly is an American Eskimo/Poodle mix. She is small -- not even 10 pounds. She can jump on our bed, but before she makes the leap, she hops up and down, up and down several times. You can just see her head popping up over the edge of the bed as she prepares for that big jump. So now we call her Pop Tart.

Sharon - St. Louis, MO

My Chi/MinPin, Edward-Scissors Jaws

In Jan. '07, I adopted a 3-yr-old neutered male Chi/MinPin from Furbabies rescue in Blaine WA, who brought Eddie north from a "high kill" shelter in Kern County, Bakersfield CA.

When Eddie first came into our family, he had 'personal space' issues, particularly around shoulders and back. Eddie would get 'testy' and give 'warning' snarls and nips. We found out from a chiropractor, who does Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation; Eddie has rotated vertebrae beginning from shoulder to neck areas, probably from blunt force trauma in his past. After about 6 mos. of monthly/bi-monthly adjustments, Eddie's shoulder and neck areas are not as 'inflamed'. Eddie shows more willingness to be touched in areas, especially massaging, and is more playful with my chi/terrier female and other dogs at play dates. Eddie's 'lap dog' personality is definitely coming out now that his pain is lessening and is being worked on.
However, his Edward Scissors-Jaws nickname has stuck, particularly when bearing his incisors.

Ms. Michaelene Manion

How Domingo Got His Name

I attend church regularly, and one morning I had to be there earlier than usual for a meeting. The first words I heard from a friend were not 'hello' or 'good morning,' they were, "Hey - do you want a dog?" My reply was an immediate NO. Didn't figure I had time for one.

It was Mother's Day 2002; the church had about 800 people attending that day. I told my friend to ask around, surely someone would want him. "Aw, just go look at's a little puppy we picked up off the side of the road so he wouldn't get run over....He's cute."

One look was all it took. I was hooked. Since 'Domingo' means Sunday in Spanish, and it was Sunday, there you go. My other dog, Asia, was named by her first owner, a friend who was planning to work in the Philippines. Domingo & Asia are two of the silliest dogs I've eve known. But I sure do love my dogs!

Veronica Rosas - Ft. Worth, TX

My "Poopsy Woopsy" of many names

My dog Molly (short version of her name) had many many names. She has a full name. Its Molly (because I love that name) Cera (because that's the name that the shelter gave her) Hiccups (because every night she would get the hiccups) She has lots of pet names like, Poopsy Woopsy, Pupsicle, Pupcorn, Puperoni, and Pupsta. I also occasionally call her "Dishwasher Dog" because she likes to lick the dirty plates while I put them in the dishwasher.
Samantha Garvingston - New York

How "Play-Doe" Got Her Name

We adopted our little bundle of cuteness from our local SPCA when she was 9 weeks old. She is a cross between a black lab and a border collie we think! My boyfriend was the driver so I was the lucky one who got to hold our new pet in my arms for the ride home.

She was terribly frightened, understandably so...she had just been taken from her mommy and 8 other brothers and sisters. We hadn't even thought of any names we might like for a puppy ahead of time, so we had no clue what to name her.

The name given to her at the SPCA was Abbey, which I personally thought was adorable, but my boyfriend did not share my enthusiasm. So, as we're driving home she's snuggling up to me and just molding into me, no matter what way I put her. I told my boyfriend, "she's so floppy and constantly molding to me like Play-doh (the kids plasticine)" and he said, "let's call her that...I said what???, Play-doh." And it was so.

I thought he was kidding...but the name has now been hers for 2 years! I've decided to spell it make it a little more unique. Doe is spelled like a female deer because she is female and actually, now that she's older she moves gracefully like a doe.

So, as strange as her name may have seemed in the beginning, it suits her perfectly and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Jessica Lutz ~ Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Favorite Dog Pet Names - Pet names or Nick Names for Dogs

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