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Foreclosure Causing Frustration

By: Reader

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We received this email that we want to share with you as a response to our foreclosure article about pets being left behind.

If you please I am not in that situation yet.

But, people if they are leaving their homes and pets behind how are they suppose to afford paying a 200.00 dollar pet deposit and 20 to 35.00 dollar pet rental a month in an apartment plus, pay another 500.00 or 1000.00 dollar deposit to live in the unit and you don't always get the deposit back when you leave when there is not pet damage. The requirement is to keep half. You would think they have to clean the carpets regardless of when a new tenant arrives. It's ridiculous!!!! I say have the landlords reduce those costs so that we can have our animals. I have looked everywhere for 2 months and on the other side of town which is 13 miles from work I can have unlimited number within reason and don't have to pay a deposit and pet rental a month. It is the only place within a town home or apartment that I have found. I live in a big city!!

We have our pets in our own homes and now we have to pay to have them live with us in an apartment or town home. Yes, it is a luxury to have an animal and take care of it, vet it but not to have to pay double for it. The apartment where my sister lives they want pictures of their animals they say to put in their file folders. I say they just want to know what kind of dog they have so they can consider it a violate animal. It's not the dog
it's the human not training the dog. I prefer having a Rottweiler. Beauty they are but everyone thinks they are mean. With this day and age look @ the number of children and women being victimized! Why not have a dog that looks mean. I think it is unfair to pass that kind of judgment on an animal.

The people who have foreclosed really aren't their issue having to uproot and leave their pets. Further more the Humane Society I have taken animals there and they want money too! And the military those people have to leave their pets behind too! I am not a firm believer in leaving animals unattended too but somewhere someone has to give a little here. One more thing then you have city ordinances that if one wanted to Foster and already have pets they get fined if you go over that ordinance. HOW DO WE WIN! HOW DOES THE ANIMAL WIN!

One frustrated reader.

Jerrie Rimas

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Foreclosure Causing Frustration

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