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Fur Balls Meet Their Match with the New Pet Hair Eraser™ Vacuum

By: Frank About Women

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If you have pets in your home, you know that pet hair can be a BIG problem. There are many different products that have been marketed to pick up pet hair including the vacuum. Regular vacuuming helps get the hair up and out of your home. However not every vacuum is crated equal. Some vacuums made for pet hair can do a superior job.

When you shop for a vacuum, you need to look for a vacuum with superior suction and oen that is specially designed brushes and cleaning tools for removing pet hair, pet dander and dirt from carpets, upholstery and more.

The Pet Hair Eraser vacuum by BISSELL features an exclusive cleaning system with dual cyclonic technology for superior suction. Included in the cleaning system for removing pet hair, dander and dirt are the following features and tools:

  • Pet Hair Lifter - It works like a lint brush on floors when vacuuming normally. This feature grabs pet hair when you pull back on the vacuum and releases hair and suctions it up when you push forward.

  • Pet Contour Tool™ - This innovative tool bends and flexes to pull out dirt and hair from hard to reach areas like stairs and upholstery.

  • Pet TurboBrush - This tool works like a magnet to attract hair. It is great for beds, stairs and a pet's favorite spot on the couch.

  • HEPA Media Filter – It captures over 99.9 percent of pet dander, dust mites, pollen and ragweed to help create a healthier home environment.

    In addition to the vacuum's pet-specific tools and technology, the Pet Hair Eraser vacuum includes a variety of features that make it convenient for everyday use. Its Easy Empty™ dirt container's clear construction shows when it's time to empty the container, and it releases easily to pour pet hair, dirt and debris into the trash. The vacuum's dual edge cleaning with Surround Suction allows consumers to clean hard-to-reach places like around furniture and baseboards where pet hair may gather. Plus, a clean filter indicator monitors air flow and lets consumers know when it is time to clean the filter. The Pet Hair Eraser vacuum also includes an extra-wide 15-inch cleaning path, 35-foot power cord and extra-long hose to give consumers added reach for cleaning larger areas faster.

    The Pet Hair Eraser is a real treat for Stella, a five-year old Border Collie and her owners Lori and Ron from Sparta, Michigan. Thanks to the Pet Hair Eraser, Stella's owners don't have to worry about dirt and pet hair from Stella and their three cats. Stella loves the Pet Hair Eraser so much that BISSELL even put her on the front of the package, making her a local celebrity.

    The Pet Hair Eraser can be purchased at Target, Kohls, Best Buy, Lowes, Sears, Shopko, Meijer, and Linens N Things. The Pet Hair Eraser vacuum, available in September for $149.99, is produced by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

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    Fur Balls Meet Their Match with the New Pet Hair Eraser™ Vacuum

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