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German Shepherd Dog Names: Cool Names for German Shepherd Breed Dogs

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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  •         Keona - I was told it means "gift from God"
  •         Kilo
  •         Kim
  •         Kima (pronounced KEE-MAH). after a police dog that was killed in the line of duty
  •         Kimbo
  •         Kimm
  •         King
  •         Koa (It means strong and mighty in Hawaiian)
  •         Kojoe
  •         Kona
  •         Kuishti
  •         Kway
  •         Kyra
  •         Lance
  •         Loki
  •         Ludwig
  •         Luggar (like the gun)
  •         Mr Squad, cause he was part of our Squad
  •         Magnum
  •         Marley - after Bob Marley
  •         Marshall
  •         Matthias
  •         Mink
  •         Minka
  •         Monty
  •         Morse (morse code)
  •         Mufasa
  •         Mystery Night
  •         Mystique
  •         Nanuke - polar bear in Alaska (white dog too)
  •         Nick
  •         Niko
  •         Nitro
  •         Nixon
  •         Oliver – means peacemaker
  •         OLOF
  •         Olex
  •         Onex
  •         Opal
  •         Orka
  •         Ory
  •         Oscar
  •         Otis
  •         Otto
  •         Phantom of the Opera
  •         Phoenix
  •         Portia
  •         Racer
  •         Radar
  •         Rex
  •         Rikka
  •         Rintintin
  •         Rocky
  •         Romeo
  •         Rommel
  •         Roscoe (deer wood)
  •         Rupeni - Rupeni Caucaunibuca (fastest rugby player in the world)
  •         Schnitzel. I think its a fun name. I think a schnitzel is supposed to be some kind of sausage.
  •         Saxon
  •         Shiloh -means "peace" as in Shalom, there was a battle of Shiloh in the American Civil war
  •         Scout - cause my boy liked to explore and lead the way
  •         Sebastian
  •         Segun - It is pronounced like "Cajun," but with an "S" at the beginning
  •         Selena
  •         Sequoia
  •         Sheena
  •         Shep
  •         Sierra
  •         Simon - it means- he who hears well, and since his ears were so large we thought it fit.
  •         Spike
  •         Stoli
  •         Sunny Boy - because he is the Sunshine in my family's life
  •         Sylvie
  •         Tanner
  •         The Rock (like the actor)
  •         Thor (the god of thunder)
  •         Thunder
  •         Truman, Trumie as a nickname. We have a small, but mighty German Shepherd that we named after President Truman.
  •         Timmy
  •         Tikka
  •         Tobi
  •         Trevor
  •         Troll
  •         Tucker
  •         Tyson
  •         Udo
  •         Uly
  •         Ursula
  •         Ute
  •         Wolf
  •         Xando
  •         Xander
  •         Xandra
  •         Xenta
  •         Xena
  •         Yuna
  •         Zack
  •         Zelda
  •         Zena
  •         Zeta
  •         Zita
  •         Zorro
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    German Shepherd Dog Names: Cool Names for German Shepherd Breed Dogs

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