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Giving Your Dog that Special “Spa” Treatment

By: Rebecca O'Connor

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Don't you just love a day at the spa? A message, a facial and some beauty treatments and you come out feeling refreshed, soothed and smelling delicious. Spa days are great for the skin, the hair and the soul. Why should it be any different for your dog?

Is Your Dog a Star?

If you live in Los Angeles, you could have the spa come to you. Steven Ogden and his assistant, a Chihuahua named Golly Gee run Spa Dog in LA and service such highly connected pooches as Candice Bergen's basset hound. Ogden is a former television producer that runs a mobile dog spa service that includes hydrotherapy baths, aromatherapy and massage. Ogden makes it clear that he isn't just a mobile groomer, what he offers is the spa treatment. He'll even take care of a little nail polish and a dye job for your dog it that's what it takes to help him go Hollywood.

We all know that dogs are the latest Hollywood accessory, but the dogs often get their own star treatment. Last year at the Sundance film festival there was a Cesar day spa for dogs on Main Street in Park City. Normally the swanky spas of New York and Los Angeles set up to treat the human celebrities, but now the dogs are getting in on the action as well. Dogs that were on the guest list were treated to massages, hairstyles, pedicures and a consultation with Patty the pet psychic. If your dog isn't living the Hollywood life or likely to get on any guest lists, you can still find a spa to pamper him.

A Dog's Life

Many local dog spas are now offering all the extra treatments the stars get as well. Think Berry Facial Delight and Tropical Banana Crunch Exfoliating Treatment. Some groomers, like Jenny Konrath in Chicago are even coming up with their own facial concoctions made with natural ingredients. They are tested on humans first, of course. You can have your dog bathed with specialty shampoo, get his teeth brushed and treat him to a deep conditioning for his cracked and tired paws as well.

Some folks argue that dogs don't really dig the spa, it's just their human companions that love them to be fluffy and sweet-smelling. However, if you've ever seen a professional dog masseuse give a doggie massage, one look at Rover's drooling grin and you'll know how much your dog loves it.

What about the Cats?

Okay, there are some great places for the tuckered pooch to revive his soul, but what about our feline friends? Aren't there any cat spas? The truth is that cats just don't enjoy being moved out of their comfy napping spot for a day on the town. And good luck getting someone to give your kitty a spritz or a blow dry. Cat spa days are strictly "do it yourself". Maybe bring your feline princess a treat while she's cat-napping and treat her to some catnip to raise her spirits. Cats aren't real social generally and have a different idea of what pampering means. Better leave the fancy spas to the dogs!

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Giving Your Dog that Special “Spa” Treatment

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