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Her husband said, “He was too wild”

By: Petplace Staff

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This is the story about a dog with the honorable name of Geronimo. I would like to say that this is one lucky dog, but that would not be a correct statement. No, for Colleen Parker and Geronimo they both are the lucky ones. You need to read their story and then you will understand why they are both the lucky. To read the story as told by Colleen Parker herself (Geronimo's mom) click here!

This story begins shortly after Colleen Parker's shepherd died; both Colleen and her husband swore they wouldn't get another dog for a while. Soon, she started noticing a dog advertised by the local pound. His picture was everywhere: newspapers, fliers at the store and the ad read "black male shepherd, stray, 1 1/2 years old, named Rex. Colleen felt drawn to the dog, but her husband said no.                                                                 
Saddened by the fact that their pound euthanized at the time, Colleen continued seeing his picture knowing his end was drawing near. Her husband, who didn't want a male dog, was told there were a couple of full bred female shepherds at the shelter. The next day they went to the pound, and she got a promise to 'just take a peek' at the male.

Sure enough, none of the females were full breeds, and Colleen made her husband keep his promise. In the cage was 'my dog' and he could barely sit still. He was a bit hyper, half husky, and filthy! They walked him around (almost impossibly) as he visited every dog in the place. Each time, he'd turn and look at Colleen or lick her hand, and she fell in love. The problem was, her husband said he was too wild. They returned him to his cage only to be told he had 2 days left. Yes, 2 days left to live.

My heart was pumping in overtime reading Colleen Parker's moving story about taking a walk on the wild side. Now, here is a "spoiler" ... This story has a happy ending.

Geronimo was one of the lucky ones who found a loving home after spending time in the pound, a pound that euthanized pets who could not find homes. But unfortunately there are countless cats and dogs that are not so lucky. Approximately 8-10 million animals are entered into shelters each year. Nearly half of these - some 4 to 5 million potential pets go unclaimed and un-adopted each year; so then, nearly 14,000 cats and dogs are euthanized across the country every day.

If you have adopted a former shelter or pound dog, you may have your own story tell, I would encourage you to share it with us

If you are thinking of extending your family, consider a pound or shelter pet companion. Schedule some time this weekend to visit your local animal shelter, humane society or pet specific adoption centers.

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Her husband said, “He was too wild”

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