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Holiday Dogs: Check Out These Wonderful Dog Holiday Photos

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We are pleased to share with you some wonderful holiday photos submitted by users!

Check out the slideshow above!

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Xmas Portrait

Ken & June Cook with the kids -- Maria and Duke.

Santa and Genny

Genny had a great time telling Santa what she wants for Christmas then watching the Snowflake Festival parade after her visit.

Bichon Waves and Cheddar Kisses,


Beagle Chritmas

Christmas photo with our beagle mixes Wallace, Maddie and Herman!

Poupadou & Pongo

Poupadou and Pongo enjoy a winter walk and their new Christmas presents.


Missy is a One Year Old American Cocker Spaniel. We adopted her from a nearby shelter. We are told she was found trapped in a cage thrown in a ditch. The dog had been mistreated but he now looks good.

Roly & Millie

These are my 2 dogs Roly the Labrador and Millie the jack Russell. Roly loves to play Frisbee and get some good playing done in the feilds of North Devon. Whereas Millie prefers to read the newspaper and relax and get in some quiet time as she leads a very busy life in London chasing her tail and playing with her 2 brothers Roly and Arlo!

Jenny & Holly

Here are my wonderful Golden Retrievers. Jenny (age 7) and Holly (age 2). They are really devoted to each other and are loved members of our family. They give us so much love every day! They are as sweet as they look..

Bev, Jenny & Holly

Jamie and Karen Christmas

Submitted by Karen keyzer

Treshi Official 2005 X-Mas photo

Here is my Coton de Tulear, Tresor de la Cotonnerie.

Elena Puig, owner

Harley & Santa Paws

Isn't he cute? Here is a wonderful photo of "Harley" – a 4-year-old! Jack Russell Terrier with Santa Paws!

Submitted by Rhonda Fleming-Bynum

Freddie, Shadow and Charlie

Here's a couple pictures of Freddie, Shadow and Charlie.

Merry Christmas,

Mary Hudson

Cherie's Cristmas

Here is our family picture with our canine family member Cherie, the poodle.

Michelle Apperson

Ready print xmas

Submitted by Francoise Martin


This is Bailey, a 12-Month old American Eskimo from Milwaukee, WI. He loves to smile!

Christina Megal

Happy Pooch

Check out this happy pooch! Submitted by Loyd Graham

Ruth Dogs

I just had this picture taken of me with my dogs and plan to use some for Christmas presents. Not a Christmas background but I thought it turned out very well!

Ruth M.
Sherwood, Wisconsin

Jessy & Bluey

Here is a picture of my two dogs Jessy & Bluey ( Blue Heelers ) . I hope you like it.

Best wishes Gerda V.


Harley is a Chi-poo (Chihuahua / Toy Poodle mix). I also love to include my dog in our family holiday photos. I took these last year and it was quite a chore to get him interested, but I finally snapped these and sent them in our Christmas Cards last year. Our photo this year included all 4 of us, but it wasn't nearly as adorable as these.


The P's.

Here is a photo of our family and our Springer Spaniel Annie. She is a great dog and loves having her picture taken!

The Pehrsons

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Holiday Dogs: Check Out These Wonderful Dog Holiday Photos

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