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How Dog’s got Their Names - Cute Dog Name Stories

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  • Miss Kyipo

    Regarding your article on dog names and asking for unique ones. Well I am the proud Mother of two Shih Tzu's my older one is a certified Therapy Dog who models she will be 7 years old on Wednesday her name is Trixie. Now I now that that is not unique however my other Shih Tzu is called "Miss Kyipo" pronounced KEY POE, it is Tibetan and means "Peace and Happiness". As they are a dog of Tibetan origin and I had been blessed by the Dali Lama last year here in Toronto I asked the Tibetan families around me to help me pick out a nice name for her and since the Dali Lama was here to discuss Happiness and always wants Peace for the world we settled on Kyipo I always add a Miss to my female dogs names. I hope you find this name rather interesting and as unique as I do. Wishing you all a day full of wonders. - Marlaine Albert

  • Do-Re-Mi

    Dora-(Do for first born as first musical note) salt & pepper schanuzer pup who's very curious(as in dora the explorer). Re-mi -(second born schnauzer and the third didn't make it. – Lucille

  • Lady Liberty

    My golden retrievers cool name is "Lady Liberty" but for short we always call her Libby. I have a golden color cat too, that we named Uncle Sam, and for short we call him Sammy. We got Libby shortly after Sept 11, 2001 and that is why we named her something patriotic. So of course, when we rescued Sammy a few years later, we had to name him something patriotic too! I love you site, and read articles from it frequently. - Karen McGill

  • Duffy's Love Shack & Harley Doglett

    I have a pair of Min Pins - Harley (rough & tumble - a leather kind of guy, loads of fun with a naughty streak) after Harley Davidson and Duffy(always the life of the party, will try anything, and always around for last call) after Duffy's Love Shack, the premier party spot on St Thomas. Their full names are Love My Harley Doglett and Duffy's Caribbean Doglett.

    I also have two Dobes - Princess Coki Colada after Coki Beach on St Thomas and the drink most readily on that beach - pina colada and Cruzan's Caribbean Breeze after - you guessed it - Cruzan Rum. I chose the Caribbean theme because of the warmth of my dogs' personalities, the joy and fun they bring to my life, and the soulful reflection in their eyes like the reflection of the sea. - Shelley

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    How Dog’s got Their Names - Cute Dog Name Stories

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