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How to Make and Place a Muzzle

By: PetPlace Veterinarians

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Injured animals are usually in pain, and an animal in pain may lash out. One of the most important thing you need to do before helping an injured animal is to place a muzzle on the mouth. Even your own sweet dog may bite if frightened or in severe pain. There are several methods to muzzle an animal but never muzzle one that is vomiting, has difficulty breathing or is coughing.

Muzzles can be purchased from pet stores or veterinary clinics. These muzzles come in a variety of sizes. Having a muzzle to fit your own pet should be included in your pet's first-aid kit.

If you do not have a manufactured muzzle, you can make a temporary muzzle out of tape, nylon stocking, neckties, thick string, belts or strips of fabric.

  • Tie a knot in the middle of the material. If you're using tape, fold the tape lengthwise, so there are no sticky edges.

  • Make a large loop in the material.

  • While standing behind or alongside the animal, slip the loop over the animal's nose.

  • Once the loop is over the nose, quickly and snugly tie the loop on top of the nose.

  • Take the 2 material ends alongside the nose and twist one time underneath the nose.

  • Take the 2 ends and pass each behind an ear and tie behind the head.

  • For breeds with short noses, you may need to take an extra piece of material and tie a connection between the loop over the nose and the tie behind the head.

    Make sure the muzzle is snug. Be prepared for the animal to struggle against the muzzle. Some animals will even be able to get out of the muzzle. If the animal develops breathing problems or appears to be trying to vomit, remove the muzzle immediately.

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    How to Make and Place a Muzzle

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