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I’m Not Fat…

By: Daisy the Beagle

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Day 1

I am a 5 year old Beagle and sometimes referred to as fat. I like to think of myself as full-figured and just don't consider myself as "fat". Some consider me lazy but I think of myself as very protective of certain spaces in the house, such as in the stuffed green chair in the living room. Recently, my owner took me took the veterinarian for my "routine shots". Oh, it was very annoying. They acted like I was going "bye-bye" to something special, and boom – they took me to the vet. Very annoying. Really. I am a beagle so I thought I'd try to make the best of the situation and immediately started smelling all the wonderful smells and was very interested in what was going on until...they took me in "that room!" Then I started shaking and shedding. I won't even tell you about the shots I got in my butt and the unkind comments about my full figure. I heard old "doc" recommend a special diet. It sounds very exciting. I like to eat. I like it a lot. So I guess to compensate me for those butt shots, they are going to give me a special treat. I can't wait. We left with a very big bag of food. I am very happy. Maybe the visit was not so bad after all.

Day 2

Every morning starts off the same. I get up, do my business, and eat. So like most other days, today I got up early and was "let out" to do my business. I did it as FAST as I could...I even got a little urine on my right rear paw (which I shook off in the house) so I could get back to my tasty breakfast. I didn't go smelling around. I went straight to my bowl but..... something was wrong. There must be a mistake. Sometime is terribly wrong. I look at the bowl and then I looked at my owner. I looked at the bowl and looked back at my owner. After several more "looks" I got the words "Just EAT it!" Do they think I am stupid? This looks like cardboard. It smells like cardboard. No! I'll wait for my delicious dinner. It won't be all that long.....

Day 2...Later

You are not going to believe this. I could barely sleep today....I laid restlessly ALL day in my green chair. I waited and waited and waited some more. Okay, I might have dozed off but I was acutely aware of the grumblings in my belly the entire time. I did not have a lot of energy anyway because...well, I didn't get breakfast. So, when mom got home from work, I went immediately outside. I only had to urinate. After all, nothing-in, nothing-out. This time I wizzed so fast I got a little urine on my left rear paw (at least they match now, right?) and ran in just as fast as I could. I wagged my tail, tried to look as cute as I could and waited for my dinner. I do this little head tilt thing that mom things is very cute so I did that a few times. And low and behold, it's the same food. Again, I look at the bowl and then I looked at my owner. I looked at the bowl and looked back at my owner. After several more "looks" I got more words "Just EAT it!". Why me? I was a perfectly happy full-figured beagle. I never complained about my food.

Day 6

I tell you, this has been maybe the most depressing week of my life. Day after day...I don't get real food. I get this crap. Why do they think I want "organic". Those words never ever left my lips. Trust me about that. I dream of food. Big bowls of food with gravy. Last night I had a night mare. I had a big fat bone in my mouth and a nasty like Jack Russell Terrier was chasing me. I ran and ran, woke up in a total panic. I was exhausted from running all night. I've eaten a few kibbles out of desperation but I want to make it clear that I don't like it so don't want to eat too much. But I am sooooo hungry. I even thought about eating my own know but I'm not a dog that will do that. I do have my limits.

Day 8

I feel terrible. I am tried. I am hungry. I feel unloved.

Day 10

They even cut back on my treats. Why me? There are lots of healthy treats and low calorie treat recipes. I wish they would at least consider a little snacky.

Day 14

You know, I turned around to do a little extra liking and guess what? I could almost reach my bottom. Not quite but almost. I have been eating a little more because...well I am so damn hungry. It's not good but at least it is something. I still would like to know what dog suggested dogs would like "organic" food. If I could just get my teeth into that that dog.......!!*&%#!

Day 21

I just don't feel like writing today. More like whining and pacing. No particular reason. But I am getting a lot of attention.

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I’m Not Fat…

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