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Ibuprofen Toxicity in Dogs

By: PetPlace Veterinarians

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Treatment is based on the severity of the toxicity. The toxic dose of ibuprofen for stomach ulcers is 50 mg per pound (100 mg/kg) for dogs. The toxic dose of ibuprofen for kidney failure is 150 mg per pound (300 mg/kg). Repeated doses of sub toxic levels can eventually result in toxic signs.

If ingestion of ibuprofen is recent, administration of activated charcoal can help reduce toxin absorption.

For stomach ulcers

  • Hospitalization with intravenous fluids is frequently recommended.

  • Stomach protectants are used to treat ulcers. These medications include famotidine (Pepcid®), cimetidine (Tagamet®), misoprostol (Cytotec®) and sucralfate (Carafate®).

  • In cases of severe bleeding ulcers resulting in anemia, blood transfusions may be required.

  • Antiemetic medications such as metoclopramide or Cerenia may be used to control vomiting.

  • Infrequently, surgery is required if perforating ulcers occur. The goal of surgery is to remove the perforation and treat for abdominal infection (peritonitis).

    For kidney failure

  • If blood tests reveal kidney impairment; hospitalization with intravenous fluids is required for a successful outcome.

  • After 48 hours of continuous intravenous fluids, blood tests are repeated and, hopefully, kidney function has improved.

  • For those cases of complete kidney failure with no urine production, prognosis is grave.

  • In cases of massive overdose, neurologic abnormalities such as seizures can occur. In these situations, anti-convulsants such as diazepam are used.

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    Ibuprofen Toxicity in Dogs

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