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Is a German shepherd Right for You? Survey Results from German shepherd Owners

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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21. Has your German shepherd every bitten anyone? Over 84% of German shepherd owner said their dog had never bitten anyone. Almost 12% said their dog had "snapped" but never bitten and 4% said their dog had bitten someone.

22.How would you describe your German Shepherd's personality? In this question, we asked how they would characterize their German shepherds personality. The most common traits were affectionate (68%), playful (64%) and very sweet (54%). Less common traits were independent (28%) and demanding (19%). The least common traits were that their dog was anxious (10%), nervous (6%) or aggressive (8%). Hundreds of users filled in the blank to tell us additional terms such as protective, stubborn, attentive, cautious, intelligent, loyal, and laid-back yet "on guard". Some owners describe their dogs as very outgoing and others as sky – taking them a while to warm up to people.

23.Have you done any obedience training with your GSD? Nearly 71% of German shepherd owner indicated that had done obedience training with their German shepherd and 29% said they had not.

24.How would you describe the "shedding" your German shepherd does? German shepherd owners answered as follows: sheds a lot (63.5%), sheds sometimes (32.5%), and doesn't shed much (4%). In our experience, German shepherds do quite a bit of shedding".

25.Does your German shepherd like to be brushed or combed? Most German shepherds love to be brushed or combed (53%), and additional 43% tolerate it and only 4% hates it.

26.How does your German shepherd handle nail trims? Approximately 20.6% of German shepherd owners said their dog doesn't mind their nail trims, 52% tolerate it, 20% said they hate it. The remaining 8% say they don't know, they have never trimmed their dog's nails.

27.Does your German shepherd like to be dressed up (wear t-shirts or sweaters)? Most German shepherds prefer to wear their own skin (no clothes). Only 2.4% indicated their dog liked to be dressed up (all the time) with an additional 18% saying their dog liked it sometimes. Approximately 79% indicated that their dog didn't like to be dressed up.

28.How often do you think your German shepherd needs "regular grooming"? We asked German shepherd owners how frequently they thought their German shepherd needed regular grooming which we defined as combing, brushing, and/or bathing. Most German shepherd owners thought their dogs needed some attention a few times a week (30.2%), then weekly basis (22.2%), daily (17%), every couple weeks (10%), monthly (14%), and less than monthly (6%).

29.Is your German shepherd "fussy" about what he eats? Approximately 9% indicated their German shepherd was very fussy, 32% said their dog was moderately fussy, and 59% said their German shepherd is not fussy at all – eats anything they put down.

30.Do you give your German shepherd treats? Most German shepherd owners love to give their dog treats! Approximately 53% of German shepherd owners said they give their dog treats all the time, 47% said occasionally, and <1% said they did not give their dog treats.

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Is a German shepherd Right for You? Survey Results from German shepherd Owners

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