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Is a Labrador Retriever Right for You? Survey Results from Lab Owners

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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11. Would you recommend a lab as a breed good for someone with "allergies"? More than half (53% answered that they were not sure if a lab was good for someone with allergies or not. 26% said no, and 20% said yes. Those surveyed did not seem to have a problem with allergies but did not seem to know how to answer the question because they have found that labs do shed quite a bit.

12. Is your lab good around cats? (no signs of aggression, doesn't chase or bother) Approximately 49% said their lab was good around cats, 26% indicated that they were not sure as their dog had not been around many cats and 26% said their lab was NOT good around cats.

13. How would you describe your lab's intelligence or trainability? Over 72% of lab owners said their lab was very smart and very trainable. An additional 24% indicated their lab was "smart" and reasonable trainable, 2.7 % said their lab was "not real smart" and < 1% said their lab was "actually pretty dumb".

14. How would you describe the energy level of your lab? Most users, over 66% said that their lab was high energy sometimes and laid back sometimes, 27% said their lab was high energy almost all the time and approximately 7% said their dog was very laid back/low energy.

15. How would you describe your labs exercise tolerance? This question was asking, for example, his or her ability to run a long distance? Lab owners indicated that 54% had a high exercise tolerance and great ability to run long distances. Approximately 38% said they thought their lab had a moderate exercise tolerance and 8% though their dog had a low exercise tolerance.

16. Would you describe your lab as a good "watch dog"? Most lab owners think of their dogs as good watch dogs. Approximately 72% said yes, their dog was a good watch dog with 28% saying "no", their dog was not a good watch dog.

17. How destructive is your lab? In this question, we asked specifically, does your lab destroy your furniture, shoes, garden and other items? Only 4% thought their dog was very destructive, 31% thought their labs were sometimes destructive, 36% thought their lab was rarely destructive and 30% said their lab was never destructive.

18. How does your lab handle being alone (when you go out or to work)? We asked this question to determine if this breed had "separation anxiety" issues. Approximately 9% indicated their dog was very anxious when they left and almost 12% indicated their dog would become destructive. The remaining 79% said their dog did not mind when they left and had no issues with separation.

19. If a stranger came on to your property or came up to your dog, what would your lab do? With this question, we were trying to determine the temperament and also reevaluate its overall value as a "watch dog". Approximately 36% said their dog would wag their tail and want to play or be petted, 66% said their dog would bark and alert them to their presence, and approximately 5.6% said their dog would potentially act aggressive.

20. Has your lab ever growled or shown its teeth to you or anyone in your family? We asked if their dog had shown signs of aggression to anyone in the family. 92% indicated no – the dog had never acted aggressive and 8% said the dog had shown some signs of aggression.

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Is a Labrador Retriever Right for You? Survey Results from Lab Owners

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