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Keeping Her Promise to "Moosey"

By: Petplace Staff

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The best dogs that pass through our lives change us well as the way we interact with other canine and human friends. A wonderful dog can teach us what a friendship is worth and their sadly short lives teach us to appreciate every moment. I just read a great story about a dog that brought so much to lives of her companions that she lives on through their love for other dogs. You can read the whole story here!

Barbara Brown in North Carolina tells a touching story about her red merle Australian shepherd, "Moosey." Moosey was named for her size. She was seventy pounds of pure muscle she had the personality and energy to match her weight. What she loved more than anything though, was a game of ball. She could play for hours. She loved retrieving balls so much that Barbara learned to use code when talking about her b-a-l-l so that she wouldn't immediately start a game of retrieve.

Moosey was a smart dog that listened carefully and knew many words. She kept all her toys in a basket and in quiet moments would count them out and then put them back in the basket. She had a wonderful personality, but she hated being told that ball playing would have to wait. She hated to hear "later" and "tomorrow."

When Moosey got older at 11 years-old she started to have some problems with limping. Then she started wetting her bed during the night, which mortified her. The vet showed that Moosey had advanced spinal degeneration and advance arthritis in both hips. Barbara took her to acupuncture treatment twice a week and Moosey kept up her spirits. Eventually though, Moosey started getting terrible infections because she couldn't completely empty her bladder. Slowly, the constant infections wore her down and with her body shutting it was time to let her go.

Barbara knew it was the right thing to do, but that didn't make it any easier. So Barbara made one last promise to Moosey. Barbara says, "I promised Moosey for every time she had ever hear "later" or "tomorrow" we would help one dog that hear that too." She continues by saying to her beloved dog that, "And so far, Moosey we have helped rescue many beautiful Aussies like you and get them out of shelters and into new homes or foster homes." What a wonderful tribute to a fantastic dog!

Do you have wonderful dog that encouraged you to help out the canine world? Be sure to share your story. We would love to hear it!

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Keeping Her Promise to "Moosey"

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