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Kick Back with a Pet Movie

By: Renae Hamrick, RVT

Read By: Pet Lovers
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  • "Into the West" is a fabulous movie about two kids and a horse theythink is their mom that they run away on across Ireland. I love thescene where they get caught with the horse in their apt.

  • My favorite dog movie is "Best in Show" because it's so hilarious, andrings so true.

  • Can't believe you left "Milo and Otis" out of the movie list!! That was my mom's pug's favorite movie!

  • My favorite dog movie is "My Dog Skip". A true story about a boy andhis dog. A MUST SEE for ALL dog lovers!

  • The Incredible Journey - Jun 7, 1994. A much better movie than the
    remake. Actually based on the book - The Incredible Journey - by Sheila Burnford. A young Labrador Retriever, an aging Bull Terrier, and a feisty Siamese cat - who embark on a dangerous journey home through the Canadian wilderness. - Becky - Oregon

  • My favorite pet movie is The Horse Whisperer. It's not quite a kid's movie, but it is an incredible story about a girl and her horse. Their relationship is the backbone of the entire movie, and the end brings me to tears every time. Susan - Houston, TX

  • Mine is a Walt Disney movie: The Ugly Dachshund. Hilarious antics of 4 naughty little doxies that live with a Grt Dane...who gets blamed for every disatrous thing that happens. Dean Jones, Suzanne Pleshette, Charles Ruggles.

    P.P.S – Do you have a favorite pet movie? Tell us about it!

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    Kick Back with a Pet Movie

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