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Labrador Retriever Dog Names: Cool Names for Labrador Retriever Breed Dogs

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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101.        Nemo
102.        Nero
103.        Netsle
104.        Nova and Sable
105.        Odie (after Garfield's dog Odie)
106.        Ollie
107.        Onyx
108.        Oreo
109.        Oscar
110.        Ozlo
111.        Pearl (A black pearl is the most rare and beautiful. Also for Pirates of the Caribbean.)
112.        Pharaoh (after Tutenkamun)
113.        Phoenix
114.        Phoebe
115.        Piper
116.        Polo
117.        Purdue Pete- after the Purdue University school colors of gold and black
118.        Raineer (rain-ear). He is named after the beer.rainer.
119.        Ranger (was named after The POWER RANGERS toys)
120.        Remington
121.        Remmy
122.        Remy
123.        Ridley - for Chuck Yeager's assistant in "The Right Stuff"
124.        River
125.        Rolo
126.        Rosie
127.        Ruby ( for her golden color)
128.        Rudy - Like the Notre Dame movie, Rudy.
129.        Sadie
130.        Sailor
131.        Sampson
132.        Samson
133.        Sandy
134.        Sandy River Nuphar - river running down from Mt. Hood here in Oregon -
135.        Scout
136.        Scout
137.        Siena ( Siena Italy)
138.        Sienna" because she has a rich reddish-brown chocolate coat.
139.        Skeet
140.        Slinky
141.        Smudge –(Smudging' every surface she could find with tongue and nose prints!)
142.        Snickers & Hershey (user wrote they named their choc labs these names)
143.        Snoopy
144.        Sperry
145.        Starr
146.        Sundae
147.        TAKI MAH
148.        Tax - dumped on April 15, (which is Tax day)
149.        Taz
150.        Teton - Teton Mountains in Wyoming.
151.        Thor
152.        Tidus
153.        Titan
154.        Tank (we love this one!)
155.        Tritan
156.        TRUCK because he is built like a truck and Truck tough
157.        Tubbs - Miami Vice
158.        Tucker
159.        Tuff
160.        Tula ( from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding")
161.        Vinni (Vincent Van Gogh)
162.        Warren
163.        Yukon
164.        Zepi
165.        Zuzu - after the little girl in the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life"

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Labrador Retriever Dog Names: Cool Names for Labrador Retriever Breed Dogs

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