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Large Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Are you looking for a large breed dog? These dogs start at about 55 pounds. Click on the breed name to read the full breed profile.

Afghan. With his slender body and long flowing haircoat, the Afghan is a beautiful dog. One of the sighthounds, the Afghan uses vision to track and follow quarry.

Alaskan malamute. One of the oldest breeds of sled dogs, the malamute is still used in the extreme north as the only reliable method of transportation. A large dog, the Malamute can weigh over 100 pounds.

American foxhound. As a hound developed to hunt foxes, the American foxhound thrives on outdoor activities. Not the best dog for small spaces, this breed needs a sturdy fence and plenty of room to run.

BeauceronThe Beauceron is an uncommon breed with a very loyal following. These majestic and proud dogs are originally French herding dogs but are now guard dogs and family pets. Reserved with strangers, the Beauceron is loving and faithful to his family.

Belgian malinois. Related to the other Belgian sheep herding dogs, the malinois is an intelligent and versatile breed. Gaining popularity as a working dog, the malinois can now be seen in police work, tracking and obedience competitions.

Belgian sheepdog. As one of the representative breeds of Belgium, this black dog is cherished as a police dog, guard dog, herding dog and companion. With a longer coat than the malinois, the sheepdog is also a versatile working breed.

Belgian tervuren. Another of the Belgian sheep herding dogs, the tervuren is a general purpose dog. Used in herding and guarding, this breed looks like a long-haired version of the malinois.

Black and tan coonhound. Used to hunt raccoon and opossum, this coonhound is a slow methodical tracker that uses scent. As with other coonhounds, the black and tan has a natural tendency to drive his quarry up a tree and alert the hunter by baying.

Black Russian terrier. Developed in Moscow, this breed has only been around since World War II. A cross between Rottweilers, giant schnauzers and Airedales, the black Russian terrier is a strong and tough dog.

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Large Dog Breeds

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