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Large Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Dogo Argentino The Dogo Argentino, also known as the Argentinean mastiff or Argentine Dogo, is the result of a dream. Two brothers were determined to develop a sociable, yet intimidating hunter, capable of hunting cougars and wild boar. After some trial and error, the brother's dream was realized and the Dogo Argentino was born.

English foxhound. Similar to the American foxhound, the English version also thrives on outdoor activity and excels in hunting foxes.

English setter. Thought by many hunters as the ultimate hunter's companion, the English setter is a beautiful and intelligent breed. Their natural hunting instinct makes them better suited for active country life than city life.

Flat-coated retriever. Often confused with the Labrador retriever, the flat-coated retriever has longer hair. With a natural love of water, the flat-coat is a not as popular as other sporting breeds but performs well.

German shepherd. Nearly always topping the most popular breed lists, the German shepherd has natural guarding and protecting instincts. Developed as a herder, the breed soon became a popular police, search and rescue and guard dog.

German shorthaired pointer. An all-purpose dog, the German shorthaired pointer is a versatile hunter. A loyal and obedient breed, he is a favorite among hunters.

German wirehaired pointer. Often confused with the German wirehaired pointing griffon, the German wirehaired pointer does well on land and in the water. The wiry haircoat is weather resistant and even somewhat water resistant.

Giant schnauzer. Unlike his smaller relatives, the giant schnauzer is a member of the Working group. Historically used to drive cattle and guard livestock, the giant schnauzer today can be found as a police dog, guard dog and faithful companion.

Golden retriever. As one of the most popular breeds, the golden retriever is an excellent family pet and is also a good hunting companion. Excellent on land and in the water, the golden is a versatile, intelligent and useful breed.

Gordon setter. Originally from Scotland, the Gordon resembles a black and tan version of the Irish setter. Great as a gun dog, the Gordon is also a good family pet.

Greyhound. The greyhound is a sleek dog associated with the controversial sport of greyhound racing. Another member of the sighthound group, the greyhound loves to chase anything small and fast moving.

Irish setter. The Irish setter is a beautiful, friendly, energetic dog. Originally used to hunt fowl, the Irish setter is now more often found as a companion.

Labrador retriever. Similar to the golden retriever, the lab always tops the list of most popular dogs. This breeds loves to be outside and needs plenty of exercise. A dependable and loyal dog, the Lab is a great gun dog and retriever.

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Large Dog Breeds

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