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Letters to Santa: What Dogs Want for Christmas

By: Petplace Staff

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A week or so ago...I asked you for your dog's letters to Santa. I got several wonderful letters that I'd like to share with you.

Jack Thinks he has been MOSTLY Good...

Dear Santa Paws,

My name is Jack. I have been mostly good this year. I have made a lot of friends this year, and I play with them very well, until I get tired. When I'm tired, Mommy says I'm cranky.

I have all the toys in the world. Daddy says Mommy spoils me. She just gave me a rawhide baseball the other day, and I've impressed her by chasing it around the house.
Santa Paws, since I have every toy in the world, could you bring me a real squirrel or bunny? I would like a real squirrel or bunny. If you think I have been good enough, could I have one of each? I'm sure Mommy and Daddy won't mind. I'd even take a rat if you have one.


Lisa Sansone--Penfield, New York

I've Been a Good Girl...Mostly

Dear Santa:

I've been a very good girl this year... well mostly a good girl. I would like a new bed for Christmas. (I really didn't mean to tear up the last one... I just wanted to see what was inside). And I would like a new squeeky toy, and a new tug-o-war rope. I think Pup buried the one you brought last year. Oh, and some of my favorite dog biscuits! Mom only lets me have those tiny ones, but I want the BIG ones!

And Santa, I have just one more request... as you're flying thru the heavens, would you keep an eye out for my little sister, Twirler? Mom says she went to heaven a couple of months ago. I keep looking for her, and calling her, but she never answers, and I miss her terribly. Please tell her I love her, and I'm keeping her favorite squeeky Snowman for her. Maybe you could give her another Snowman to play with until I can take this one to her??

Thank you Santa!



Jo Little - Miami, Florida

Letters from Abby and Suka ... Chew Toys and Treats!

Dear Santa

My Abbigail is really jealous, because recently we adopted a Siberian Husky that is only 7 months old. Abby is so good to the puppy, and even though Abby is 7 years old, she herself acts like a puppy and still guards our children, ourselves, and my mom and dad. She is such a wonderful loyal dog.

Thank you god for such a wonderful blessing. (Two Blessings!)

Dear Santa,

Abby would like a couple of denta-bones and some good strong other toys to chew on, and some good treats for being such a good girl the last seven years! She so smart! Oh.......Dear Santa please don't forget about our new Siberian Huskey named "Suka"...It means "fast" in Alaska. She would like some chew toys and treats too! Thank You and Merry Christmas!!

Brandy (owner), Abbigail (The Rot), and Suka (The Huskey)

Brandy L. Moore

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Letters to Santa: What Dogs Want for Christmas

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