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Letters to Santa: What Dogs Want for Christmas

By: Petplace Staff

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My Pug Wrinkles is so excited about Christmas!

Dear Santa,

Wrinkles was so excited to see me put the Christmas tree up and the decorations. He was really happy when I showed him his stocking. Wrinkles wants Santa to know he has been a good boy this year. He would like some new chew toys, squeaky ball, and a bone. He would be happy with any new toys! He is tired watching me put up decorations and he is taking a nap. PLEASE SANTA DON'T FORGET ME! Love, Wrinkles

Becky Carter - Charleston, IL

Winston's Wish

Dear Santa,
This is going to be my second Christmas, my birthday is December 12th. I am not sure who I am suppose to thank so I am sending YOU this letter I have a great big house and a yard and my Mom & Dad are the best. We have the coolest neighbors that bring me gifts, take me for walks and my best friend Crystal even slept over when Mom & Dad were on vacation just so I would feel comfortable. I am very lucky.

So, Santa my wish is that any dog that finds a new home at Christmas is treated just as special as I am. They should be loved and cared for just like one of the family. I know it is a big responsibility to take care of us, and we are really thankful for everything. Santa, I wish people really take the time and realize it is a big desision when they bring a pet into their home. It is very sad when spring comes around and we are not the little rolly polly balls of fur anymore and sometimes children and adults start to loose interest and patience and some of us end up at a shelter, missing our new family and the fun we had. So, Sant you don't have to stop at my house this year, I have everything I need. Use that time to place one of us that is not as fortunate with a family just like mine.

Thanks again Santa,

Hugs & Licks

Debbie -New Jersey

Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo's Christmas lists

Dear Santa,

I am writing for my three pugs. We are actually owned by 3 pugs. They each have very different things on their lists.

We'll start with Wilma, the royal beast. Of coarse she will demand another year of being worshipped by all beings that encounter her. She would appreciate a new bed for each room of the house. Of course they should be heated for the cold New England winter. Also included is all the high end organic human grade treats she can eat. She should also continue to be served by the other "dogs" we brought on staff for her.

Next is Brigitte. She is easy. Just give her continuous uninterrupted time with her mommy. She gave us her list already, it mommy, my mommy, my mommy, my mommy, my mommy, my get the idea.

Lastly, the new kid Sluggo. He would like 365 new lambies (our word for chew toys) One to destroy for each day of the year.

We shouldn't have too much trouble fulfilling their desires, after all it's what we were bred for!!!

Happy healthy holidays to all the people and their beloved pets this season!
Love, Wilma Brigitte and Sluggo

Kathy Waldron - Hamden, CT

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Letters to Santa: What Dogs Want for Christmas

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