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Letters to Santa: What Dogs Want for Christmas

By: Petplace Staff

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All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is Mommy to get a full time job. She has been a substitute rural mail carrier for going on 10 years and is a single Mom trying to raise me and my big brother on a part time salary. Money is tight. But if Santa reads this I could also use a new rope to play tug with.

Valerie Liechty - Ohio City, Ohio

My Christmas List for Santa, from Ace

Dear Santa Paws

Although my mom will not tell you that I have been a good boy this year I still have hopes of presents under my tree.

I would like more doggie friends, Miss Maggie is not real playful now that she's old. And for the kittens not to hide from me and easier access to the trash cans and lastly opposable thumbs so that I can get in the closet where mom's shoes are - they are so tasty that I need more to chew on.


Ace, the devilish doggie

Susan Smith

Chase's Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to once again be able to run and play again with my people. My mom tells me that I have torn my cruciate ligament (the thing that holds my knee together) and all I can do right now is hop around on three legs now. My mom won't let me run because I might hurt my other knee. I have been cooped up in the house since early November and I am starting to get depressed. The snow came yesterday and I can't even go out and dig in a snow bank. My dad says I have to have surgery next week to fix my knee. The surgeon is going to do something called a TPLO. This involves cutting right through the bone in my leg and then putting it back together with a metal plate. I am scared! The vet says I should be up and walking on my leg within a week and then I have to have physiotherapy in a pool. I love pools! I also wish my parents could win the lottery as I know I am costing them alot of money and I feel bad. My mom sure wishes she had signed up for pet insurance before this happened!

So Santa, hopefully when you come down the chimney on Christmas eve, I will be able to run on all four legs to greet you and help you put presents under the tree for my people who take such good care of me.



Susanne Scannell - Uxbridge, Ontario

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Dear Santa,

I wish you could give me my teeth back, you see I was not taken very well care of before, I was put out in the cold and abused. I was not fed very well so my teeth got really bad. When my Mama adopted me I smelled really really bad so she took me to the vet. The vet said I needed my teeth cleaned so she decided to do it, WOW that was a lot of money, but when they started, my teeth were so bad the vet had to pull all of them. Now my tongue hangs out the side of my mouth because I have no teeth. But I am all better now, I can eat pretty well because my Mama cuts my food up real small. But it sure would be nice to have my teeth back so I could chew on a bone. So if Santa can do it I would like to have my teeth back.

Dorothy Matlock

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Letters to Santa: What Dogs Want for Christmas

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