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Letters to Santa: What Dogs Want for Christmas

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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What I Want for Christmas!

Dear Santa,

Well, first get rid of the Kitties! Take them away in your sleighs! I want a new bone, and could use a new ball, because the old one has holes in it, and that's not any fun! I want some stuff toys that look like cats, so I can rip them apart! Don't listen to that cat, Santa He is mean! He scratches me all the time!

Debbie Roth, Deland, Florida

Zoe's Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I am a four year old Cocker Spaniel and I have been a good girl this year. Well.......accept for a little bit of Cocker Spaniel attitude here and there.

There is not much I want this year. Who needs more then a family that loves me and my Rubber Chicken. Don't even try to get me a new one because it just won't be the same. He may be slimy and kind of green but he is mine.

I've heard some kids say they want their two front teeth or a bike to ride on but more then anything Santa I want to be able to jump and play again. You see I was running last Wednesday when a sudden pain stopped me in my tracks. I lost the use of my back legs and my owners are not sure if they can afford the surgery to make me better.

I heard about your miracle on 34th street but can you please bring one my way?

Barbara Sigg-Ambler PA

Alfonzo's Christmas story

Dear Santa,

Hello my name is Alfonzo, I'm a 8 month old bichon-poodle. My humans saved me from a bad breeding mill and lucky for me they did, I was very sick. It has taken over 5 months and a lot of vet visits to get me healthy but I'm on the road to recovery.

My Christmas wish list for this year is to be healthy so I can have fun and play with my humans. I have to say though that I've over heard them talking about buying me lots of gifts and a big stocking to put out for Santa to fill. So far I think I'm getting a toy box, toys and some clothes, but don't tell them I know what I'm getting they think it's a surprise.
Thanks and Have a Merry Christmas

From: Alfonzo Bye

P.S I think I would also like some more long underwear PJ's, they are cozy and warm. I wear a size medium.

Reshelle Bye - Lindsay Ontario

All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I want to be healthy, lately I've been not doing so well. And I want my Mom to find happiness in the coming year, maybe a new Dad for me! FURY

Nancy Townsend, Willingboro NJ

What Sissy Girl, my cairn terrier, would love for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I would like for all my fellow cairns who are in the awful puppymills, being used as breeders, over and over to be rescued. I would also like for all the other dogs to be rescued. That is my Christmas wish. I was one of the lucky ones. I was rescued at 1 month old and adopted at 3 months old. I am now 3 years old and living in the lap of luxury. My wish is that God would look down on these poor fur babies and keep them safe and warm and help them find a better life. I have everything I could possibly want or need and I only pray that the others find that. That is my Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas to all,

Ann Anderson- Hildebran, NC

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Letters to Santa: What Dogs Want for Christmas

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