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Making Fifi and Fido Smell Pet Perfect: Exploring Pet Perfumes

By: Rebecca K. O'Connor

Read By: Pet Lovers
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If you've been to a "Pupperware Party," you probably know that dog perfume and aromatherapy for the discerning canine are all the rage. Although you can get perfume for your pooch just about anywhere these days, a Tupperware style party for pet lovers is a great way to mingle. The independent distributor Shure Pets has representatives all over the country now running such parties and plenty of aromatherapy products to choose from in their "Aromamutt Therapy Spritzer" line. Basically, it's dog cologne perfect for a sweet smelling pooch in between baths. Shure Pets isn't the only producer of doggie cologne though. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a high end fragrance for your pooch, there are options for that as well. For example The Signature Fragrance ($65.00, 3.4 oz. and $50.00, 1.7 oz.) - a blend of bergamot and vanilla-infused musk with patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils and created by Renee Ryan. The Signature Fragrance is said to "evoke the warm and comforting emotion of unconditional love with a sense of spirited affection that defines the modern dog."


Why not find a smell that is soothing to your dog as well as your own nose? Studies show that lavender has a soothing effect on pooches. Dogs are relaxed and better behaved when they smelled lavender oil. Deborah Wells, a senior lecturer at Queen's University of Belfast, Ireland reported these findings in the September 2006 issue of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Lavender has been helpful to dogs in rescue situations as well as with traveling dogs that get antsy in the car.

There are other scents that work well for dogs too. Cedar wood is great for dogs who will "roll" in mud or worse after being bathed with a floral scent. Lemongrass and peppermint are both great deodorizing scents! It's also good to know that peppermint is also a coat brightener, perfect for white dogs!

Pick a Scent

So how do you decide on a dog cologne? The best dog cologne has ingredients that do more than freshen up smelly fur. A good cologne may contain ingredients that are also excellent for your dog's coat and skin. Look for dog cologne that is free of alcohol too. Although perfumes generally have high levels of alcohol as a rule, your dog's skin could be irritated by a product with high alcohol content. Keep in mind that many artificial ingredients may contain irritating chemicals; dog colognes with all natural ingredients are best.

Be sure to cover your dog's eyes when spraying on the cologne. Spraying directly into the eyes or other mucous membranes may cause irritation or damage. Watch out for any sore spots or broken skin as well and avoid spraying cologne in those areas.

What about the Cat?

Generally speaking, animals of the feline variety are much less smelly than a pooch. Self-cleaning keeps fur fresh and groomed. However, cats can benefit from the aromatherapy benefits of lavender as well. If your kitty will tolerate a quick spritz of a soft scent, it couldn't hurt! There's no reason that the whole household should smell sweet.

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Making Fifi and Fido Smell Pet Perfect: Exploring Pet Perfumes

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