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Medium Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Are you looking for a medium-sized breed dog? These dogs start at about 35 pounds and go up to approximately 65 pounds. Click on the breed name to read the full breed profile.

Airedale. As the largest member of the terrier group, the Airedale can be intimidating. Though they may seem aloof to strangers, the breed is very loving towards his family, especially towards children.

American Staffordshire terriers. The American Staffordshire terrier is a powerful and intimidating dog, when he wants to be. When it is just him and his family, he is a loving and easy going breed.

American water spaniel. Developed in the Midwestern United States, the American water spaniel readily retrieves game from the water. Tracking by scent, the water spaniel springs game instead of pointing.

Australian cattle dog. Unlike the Aussie, the Australian cattle dog is truly from Australia. Developed to herd cattle, this dog needs lots of mental stimulation and physical activity.

Australian shepherd. Despite his name, the Australian shepherd is an American made dog. Used in herding, protecting and various competitive sports, the Aussie is very intelligent and craves activity.

Basset hound. Made popular by the "Hush Puppy" shoe advertisements, the basset hound's seemingly sad, droopy face is one of the most widely recognized in the United States. These consummate hunters require energetic play to avoid behavior problems. They can be stubborn and if they don't feel like hunting, they won't.

Bearded collie. The bearded collie may not be as popular as some other breeds but he has plenty of admirers. A hardy dog that thrives as a sheep dog in Scotland, this breed has a thick coat that allows his to thrive in cold outdoor weather.

Border collie. Considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, the border collie loves to herd anything and everything. With his natural instinct, the border collie is unrivaled in herding competitions and agility.

Brittany. Developed in France, the Brittany was originally called a spaniel but actually works like a setter. One of the best bird dogs, the Brittany is a good shooting dog and can be a great companion.

Bulldog - English. Once you get used to their snoring, the bulldog will prove to be a cherished family pet. Not much on exercise, the bulldog just needs to spend some time checking out the grass several times a day.

Bull terrier. With a long sloping egg shaped head, this dog stands out in a crowd. With small triangular eyes and erect ears, the bull terrier always causes a doubletake.

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Medium Dog Breeds

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