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Medium Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Canaan dog. This breed dates back to biblical times and is a dog of Israeli descent. Named for the Land of Canaan, drawings of this breed have been found in tombs as old as 2000 BC. The breed was used to guard and herd the flocks of ancient Israelites.

Chinese Shar-pei. With his characteristic wrinkly body, this breed is instantly recognizable. The shar-pei is easily housetrained. In a way, the breed's fastidiousness and attitude is a little like a cat's; they can be a little standoffish and will act like king or queen of the household if the owner lets them.

Chow chow. The chow is one of the most easily recognized breeds. Popular because of his thick fluffy coat, the chow is a great guard dog. His teddy bear looks are quite deceiving. This dog can launch an impressive attack if provoked.

Cocker spaniel - American. The popular cocker with his curly hair and sad eyes is a good choice for a companion. Needing basic exercise, the American cocker usually spends his days lounging and waiting for his owner's return and isn't often found hunting.

Cocker spaniel - English. More popular as a hunting dog than the American cocker, the English cocker is a land spaniel, eager to please.

Dalmatian. Well known for his characteristic spotted coat, the Dalmatian is an old breed often associated with firehouses.

English springer spaniel. One of the most popular hunting dogs, the English springer is quick and obedient. Excelling in field trials, this dog is often used to hunt birds.

Field spaniel. Most often black, the field spaniel is a sturdy and hardy dog. Intelligent and persistent, this dog is willing to do anything.

Finnish spitz. The National Dog of Finland, the Finnish spitz is not a common breed but has many admirers. Primarily a companion, the Finnish spitz is a natural protector, especially in regard to children.

Harrier. Originally developed in England, the harrier is not a very common site. Bred as a hunter with lots of stamina, the harrier looks somewhat like a foxhound or big beagle. The term harrier is a Norman word for hound.

Ibizan Hound. As the name suggests, the Ibizan hound hails from the island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain. This ancient dog has been found in the tombs of Pharaohs.

Irish terrier. This terrier may be small but looks like a miniature Irish wolfhound. An excellent companion, this dog also loves to chase rabbits and is not the best choice for a home with pet bunnies.

Irish water spaniel. Even though he may look like the clown of the spaniel family, the Irish water spaniel is the tallest spaniel and a great water dog.

Keeshond. A Dutch favorite, the keeshond is a loving and devoted family pet. Related to other Arctic breeds such as the chow chow, samoyed and Pomeranian, the Keeshond has a thick coat to protect him in harsh weather.

Kerry blue terrier. Originally from Ireland, the Kerry blue has been used to hunt vermin, small game and birds. As an all purpose dog, the Kerry blue has even been used to herd sheep.

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Medium Dog Breeds

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