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Medium Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Mixed Breed Dog The mutt is the all-American dog. Call him a random-breed, a mixed-breed or a mongrel, at his best he's loyal, healthy, smart and friendly – a virtual melting pot of positive canine characteristics. For many animal lovers, owning a mutt is a badge of honor. Many come into the world as "surprises," born of a homeless stray or a roaming house pet, then sent off to an animal shelter.

Norwegian elkhound. This dog is descended from canines that served with the Vikings. Brave enough to track bear and moose, the elkhound makes an excellent watchdog. The breed is bold, courageous and athletic.

Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. Also known as tollers, these dogs were bred to lure ducks into a trap or into gunshot range. Intelligent and hard working, these dogs do well on land and in the water.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. Also known as the PBGV, this little dog has a big name. Once you understand what each part of the name means, you can understand the dog. Petit means small, basset means low to the ground, griffon means wirehaired and Vendeen refers to the area of France where the breed was developed.

Pharaoh hound. One of the oldest breeds, the Pharaoh hound is appropriately named. As a breed coveted by royalty, it was not uncommon to see a Pharaoh on his way to the hunt with a falcon on one hand and a Pharaoh hound on the other.

Plott hound. When German immigrant George Plott left Germany and settled in North Carolina, he brought his faithful dogs with him. After years of breeding, the Plott hound was developed. This dog is a natural hunter and readily trees game, just like other coonhounds. Considered the hardiest of all coonhounds, this dog is great for people who love coonhounds but don't care for their characteristic bawling voice.

Pointer. An excellent gun dog, the pointer has a natural hunting instinct that is evident even in young puppies. He will point at game to alert the hunter.

Polish lowland sheepdog. The Polish lowland sheepdog looks somewhat like a small version of the Old English sheepdog with his shaggy coat. Hailing from Poland, this dog is an excellent sheep herder and great family pet but can be a bit stubborn if not trained.

Portuguese water dog. Bred to help the fishermen of Portugal, it is no wonder this dog is as happy on land as he is in the water. Historically used to send messages from boats, the Portuguese water dog still loves to jump in the lake, pond, sea, or any body of water.

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Medium Dog Breeds

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