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Medium Dog Breeds

By: Petplace Staff

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Redbone coonhound. This coonhound is an American creation. An excellent scent hound, the redbone originated in Georgia and looks a little bit like a Vizsla. As with other coonhounds, the redbone has a natural ability to tree game. Through diligent breeding programs, the redbone is most often completely red in color.

Saluki. Another sighthound, the saluki is considered by many to be one of the oldest breeds of dog. He is also the fastest, reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour. The Royal Dog of Egypt, the saluki excels at lure coursing and has a natural tendency to chase anything that moves.

Samoyed. The Samoyed is an ancient breed who has spent the majority of his life in the company of humans. Used as a sled dog, these dogs are able to pull about 1 1/2 times their own weight in equipment and supplies. Known for his smiling face, the Samoyed is a happy and highly intelligent dog that readily protects his home.

Siberian husky. This beautiful and regal dog has been used to pull sleds in arctic countries for centuries. Originating in Siberia, this breed was very important in the 1925 "diphtheria serum run" that saved the lives of hundreds of Alaskan children. This run later became the Iditarod.

Sloughi Even though you may not have heard of the sloughi, the breed has a rich history, dating back to ancient times. Thought to be the forerunner of the greyhound, the sloughi is a lean and fast dog.

Soft coated wheaten terrier. A medium sized terrier, the wheaten seems to love life and human companionship. A useful terrier, this breed is more often found as a family pet.

Staffordshire bull terrier. Often unfortunately confused with the pit bull, the Staffordshire bull terrier is a powerful and intimidating dog, when he wants to be. A little smaller than the American Staffordshire, this version hails from England.

Standard schnauzer. Like his larger relative, the standard schnauzer is also a working dog. The breed hails from Germany, and was used in hunting and guarding. Originally classified as a terrier, the standard schnauzer quickly proved that he is more of a working class dog. Strong and tough, this breed is an excellent family dog and readily protects his house and home.

Sussex spaniel. His lack of speed is countered by his excellent nose. Though not very popular in the United States, the Sussex spaniel is still used in England as a retriever.

Swedish vallhund. The Swedish vallhund is a spitz breed hailing from Sweden. Known as the "little Viking dog" this breed is a great family pet and working dog and is the newest member of the American Kennel Club family.

Vizsla. Also known as the Hungarian pointer, the vizsla is a multi-purpose, swift and quiet hunter.

Welsh springer spaniel. An excellent water dog, the Welsh springer spaniel is bigger than a cocker and smaller than the English springer.

WetterhounThe wetterhoun is an uncommon breed that was developed in the Netherlands initially to rid the area of otters. With a name meaning "water dog," this breed is also used to hunt water fowl.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. This uncommon dog is known as the "old hunter's bird dog" since he will often run to the field and frequently return to check on his owner's progress.

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Medium Dog Breeds

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