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Meet " Blinkley"

By: PetPlace Staff

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Our puppy of the week is from Clermont, Florida

Jo Dee, Binkley's Owner writes:

Binkley came to me as my 30th birthday present from my boyfriend. He couldn't pick him up yet because he wasn't old enough, so I got a picture of him. You see, my parents never let us have pets. My brother would bring home stray dogs or get puppies as presents but they never stayed long and certainly were never inside the house!

I have bugged my boyfriend for two years that I wanted a dog, but I didn't think he would EVER get me one. It was more a joke than anything else. He always told me I didn't need a dog. So, imagine my surprise when I saw that picture of my new puppy. He was adorable with his big brown eyes and his furry ears. We got to pick him up a week later and life hasn't been the same since!

He is so much fun! He likes to chew (of course) on his toys, play outside, and take little naps. He is so smart and has already learned how to sit and lay down. Potty training is a bit different though, we have good days and bad days. But we are down to just an accident or two a day, so we are on the right track. Every day is different and crazy but I could not be happier to have him as a little furry part of my life!

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Meet " Blinkley"

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