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Meet "Hunter"

By: PetPlace Staff

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Our puppy of the week is from Sandy, Utah

Terrie, Hunter's Owner writes:

Hunter is the best puppy ever! He is a 5 month old Siberian Husky that we bought from a local pet shop. He immediately fit into our family of 4 - dad, mom, and two teenage boys.

You know what they say about a boy and his dog? The same can be said about a dog and his boy. The two are inseparable, and I swear they must have been twins separated at birth! Hunter was potty trained in 2 weeks, and graduated from puppy kindergarten in 8 weeks.

At his last vet visit he weighed 30 pounds, he doubled in size from the time we brought him home at 9 weeks old til now.

He loves treats - every kind of treat. He will do lots of tricks to get them - including going potty outside (something we started in the beginning and he still takes full advantage of) His favorite toy is Piggy - a pink squeaky toy that is his good buddy.

We are already on Piggy III (Piggy I and II both met their end with torn necks, much to Hunter's dismay). Hunter likes everything from bisquits to training treats, to dentasticks.

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Meet "Hunter"

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