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Meet "Meana"

By: Petplace Staff

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Our puppy of the week is from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Melissa, Meana's Owner writes:

Meana, was kidnapped by me from an abusive home, 02-05-2004. It was freezing cold, she had no food, no blanket, no light, just wet newspapers in a huge cage in a big empty garage. They were mad because she was still there. They would leave the door open hoping she would be hungry enough to go outside & get lost.

They told me all about it. 4 pounds of pure torture for these people, I gave them money for the cage & we left. She's been my riding partner ever since. Loves to go for rides, especially "Puppy Park" trips.

She's very popular, everyone loves her. She's an angel. The cats & kittens play with her around the complex. So very sweet. She has a pet hamster/gerbil named "Pete". She never hurts him, we dont use his ball anymore. Her favorite toy is the laser light. We named it "cracker".

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Meet "Meana"

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