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Meet "Nina Grace"

By: PetPlace Staff

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Our puppy of the week is from Staten Island, New York.

Nina, Nina Grace's Owner writes:

Nina is a very special dog. She is very smart, sweet and loyal. She loves to sit by the entrance door to see cars and people go by, and wait for her "mommy" every day to get home from work.

At her young 8 months, she has learned all her commands and loves when I throw a toy for her to catch it up. She brings it back and puts it in my hand to throw it up in the air again.

She is playful and giving. Nina loves to kiss and greet all family members when they arrive.

Even if you are away for 15 minutes she waits for you by the dooor without moving to kiss and bark of happiness at you. She loves to be around a lot of people and is loving and friendly towards all.

She loves children and plays with them very nicely. She is the best of all dogs to us and a very special mix, CHIHUAHUA AND CAIRN TERRIER. many people think she is a jack russell, however her personality and looks resemble of a terrier.

She is loved and spoiled in our home.

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Meet "Nina Grace"

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