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Meet " Peanut Butter"

By: PetPlace Staff

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Our puppy of the week is from Wichita, Kansas

Caryn, Peanut Butter's Owner writes:

Peanut came to me from a breeder. A co-worker of my bought his little brother, and I fell in love. I went to the breeder and bought the last little puppy. Soon did I find out that he was not as healthy as I assumed. Peanut had very dirty ears (yeast infection). Shortly after getting that under control, he started to show signs of demodectic mange. Luckily the poor little guy didn't have to undergo the dips. Simple oral medicine cleared it up.

The breeder never returned any of my phone calls about his health problems. He settled in at home with all his other half-brothers. He is now just over 6 months, and boy does he have energy. He loves to go to a local daycare and run with his new found friends, but he also loves to just take a short walk around the block.

His coloring is very unique. He is a shorthair dachshund, painted a very light red, with dark red and white dapples. I named him from his colorings. He is the color of peanut butter, with darker spots of "fudge" scattered around. So Peanut B. Fudge it had to be. On his trips around town we get many comments on him. People can't believe he is a dachshund, and have never seen one with such coloration.

Peanut doesn't really have many favorite toys. He loves anything he can chew on. He is very easy to bathe. He will jump in the shower or bathtub with us. He LOVES the water. This is very strange as any other dachshund I have met is very afraid of the water. If we don't let him join us in the showers, he whines and finds something to chew on to punish us. He is simply a joy, and has come a long way in the few months we have had him. I love him and he deserves to be the Puppy of the Week.

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Meet " Peanut Butter"

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