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Meet "Rebel"

By: PetPlace Staff

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Our puppy of the week is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kimberly, Rebel's Owner writes:

R'Quest Rebel Yell, or "Rebel" for short, is my newest addition to my family, which also includes a 3-yr old Border Collie/Lab mix). He is an angel in the morning and a devil at night! Always eager to participate in the zoomies with my other dog Xoe, Rebel enjoys tearing up the house nightly and likes to participate in "who can do a trick faster" contests to win treats.

He is smart--almost too smart. He is very eager to learn, and often times will offer me 2 or 3 different behaviors instead of just the 1 I ask for. For example, he'll sit, bark, shake, and flop into a down, when I've only asked him to "sit"!

I think he just wants to be sure he gets that treat. I can't wait until he is full grown and we can get into flyball, agility, and frisbee (his favorite, so far).

He is a wonderful addition to my furry family!

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Meet "Rebel"

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