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Move Over Rover

By: Petplace Staff

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Do you share your bed with a dog...or two? Ever felt like you need to go on vacation to get a decent nights sleep? I just read a fabulous poem by Robert Meuser in Mountain Home, Arkansas about the struggle with his pharaoh hound for bed space:

Hot damn,
There's a dog in my bed.
I tried to turn over
My foot hit his head.

I thought the jolt
Would disturb his sleep.
He just kept snoring
With out a peep.

He props his head
On my butt.
What am I going to do
With this old mutt?

He takes half the bed
Then inches for more.
One more move
I'll be on the floor.

Just one time
Without that dog.
I'd have a great night
And sleep like a log.

Though this thought
Runs through my head.
I know I'd be lost
Without a dog in my bed.

It's bad enough to struggle for space with your own best friend, but if you're a newlywed to a marriage that includes a bed dog, you might be in for a rude awakening. More than one new spouse has complained about being pushed off the bed by a canine that didn't expect the arrangements would include sharing bed space. A new person to beg biscuits is fabulous, but the pooch draws the line at losing the great spot on the empty pillows.

If sleeping arrangements aren't working out for you check out some of the fancy beds that they are now making for the discerning canine. You can try a $40 pillow style bed and go from there. High end beds retail for as much as $800 and may include extras like a specially designed foam pad stiff enough to support the spine, but not so hard that your pup will wake up sore. As goldilocks would say, "just right!" If this isn't enticing enough for your canine bed hog, maybe you are due for a vacation. Just don't tell your spouse about Travelodge. The budget hotel chain is trialing the use of mini replica king-size beds, complete with their own duvet and pillow, for pets in the hotels. Now that's dog crazy!

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Move Over Rover

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