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Name Brand Companies Go Pet Crazy

By: JAKKS Pacific, Inc. and Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Several traditional companies are carving their niche in the "pet space". The pet market is a multi-billion dollar a year industry so why wouldn't these companies want to take a bite of that?

Companies or names like Disney, Arm & Hammer, Snoop Dogg, CFA and AKC are creating products for pets. Here are a few products that are coming out that we'd like to share with you:

White Bites Now Strengthened with the Power of Arm & Hammer

JPI's White Bites oral care treats in 2007 will use the power of Arm & Hammer baking soda to help give dogs freshen breath and good oral hygiene. After having signed a licensing agreement with Church & wight Co. Inc. for Arm & Hammer, JAKKS will not only produce a White Bites with Arm & Hammer, but also a whole line of oral care products for dogs, cats and small animals, including treats, bones, toothbrushes, rubber balls, and chew toys.

Kitty Couture

Keep your kittens warm this winter season with Cat Fanciers'
Association branded Cat Sweaters from JAKKS Pacific's. The
kitty-couture sweaters are not only fashionable but also designed to
keep your kitten warm and comfortable. Pet lovers everywhere will go
crazy for these sweaters, and also the entire line of CFA cat toys,
nip and wands.

Snoop Dogg Pet Products Line

JPI is launching its Snoop Dogg Pet line featuring dog toys, apparel
and accessories inspired by the iconic Doggfather himself, including
items like a boom box and Doberman plush that feature a sound chip
that plays signature Snoop Dogg phrases. The Snoop Dogg line launched
on presale on in late November to coincide with the new
Snoop Dogg CD launching on then too. Other retailers are expected to
carry the Snoop Dogg line in 2007.

Spiderman 3 line

An exciting selection of interactive pet toys that pet owners can use
with their pets inspired by the web-slinging action of the great
Superman franchise and next summer's blockbuster Superman 3 release!

AKC Puppy launching at Target

JAKKS will be launching AKC Puppy, super premium puppy products based
on the history and heritage of the American Kennel Club at exclusively
at Target (until March) followed by placement at all major retailers.
Line will include various puppy toys – plush, vinyl and rope apparel
and blankets, jerky and biscuit treats and pee training pads.

Disney Nostalgia

A fun, stylish and fashion forward line of dog toys and accessories
that celebrates the timeless era of classic Disney characters.
Encompassing the universal appeal of some of the world's most
recognizable figures, this line brings pet owners everywhere plush,
vinyl, rope and tennis dog toys, apparel available in XS, S, and M and
bundled gift packs that include treats and plush toys.

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Name Brand Companies Go Pet Crazy

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