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Nasty Pet Neighbors – Do You Have One?

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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The numbers of complaints neighbors have about their neighbor's pets in one manner or another is surprising.

For example, one lady called in to talk radio and said she has an "uppity neighbor" with 4 little foo-foo dogs " (those were her words). Every day, the dogs came over to her yard and ...well – they did their business. Day after day – she gets up – has her morning coffee, looks out the window and grinds her teeth as she watches these dogs come in her yard and do their business. Finally – she went out and confronted the neighbor. She said "Hey – why do you let your dogs crap in my yard?" The neighbor walked away and hasn't talked to her since. That was 2 years ago. This is not uncommon.

Another call was – a man said he was taking his dog for a walk and the neighbor's dog attacked his little dog. This dog was on a leash – the neighbor's dog was not. He wanted the neighbor to pay and he wouldn't. Now – they are enemies. How do you deal with that?

We would like to learn from you about what the most common neighbor problems are and how you deal with them.

Would you mind taking a quick survey about the most common problems – and let me know how you deal with them? Go to: Tell us about Your Neighbor

The most common complaints we have seen people have about their neighbors dogs are...they aren't confined, bark too much, and defecates in their yard. So...try to be a good neighbor. Here are some tips on How to be a Good Neighbor

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Nasty Pet Neighbors – Do You Have One?

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