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Natural Dog Food - Vet’s Advice On Natural Dog Food

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Dr. Debra – What is a natural dog food?

Robert E. – Lexington KY

What is a Natural Dog Food?

Natural dog food is a food that is considered more "natural" or less processed. The exact definition for natural dog food that contains ingredient or nutrient composition for does not exist and seems to vary by manufacturer.

Natural dog food is a term used to describe a dog food that is deemed more natural giving the suggestion that it is more healthy. The companies that market "natural dog foods" promote that natural dog foods have more meat, less animal by-product, and fewer fillers. Some natural dog foods may contain organic ingredients or free-range meats.

It is very difficult to determine how "natural" a food is by its packaging.

In general, it is thought that less expensive (super market brand foods, non premium foods) generally contain less meat and more fillers and by-products.

In general, most veteirnrians believe that premium dog foods are made with nutritious ingredients and few fillers or by-products. Premium dog foods tend to be better quality than common store or off brands.

Premium dog food works to provide all the nutritional ingredients required for the life stage of that pet. The ingredients of premium dog foods are generally consistent.

If you choose a "natural dog food" – choose a premium brand.

There is no regulating body that checks that natural dog foods are nutritionally balanced and contain high quality ingredients or that they maintain any type of consistency. Historically, many pets have become ill from being fed poor quality foods.

Premium natural dog foods tend to stick to high quality ingredients, are balanced and consistent from bag to bag. My favorite premium dog foods (ones I use on my own dogs) include Hills Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, and Waltham products.

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Natural Dog Food - Vet’s Advice On Natural Dog Food

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